Monday November 20 , 2017

nookColor has been rooted

ROOTEDThe game Angry Birds usually makes me... Angry. If it was on my extras page of my new nookColor it would make me...? Happy!

Yes the nookColor has been rooted. You can read the ugly details unfolding in a gynormous thread on xda. I predicted it would happen by Thanksgiving, I was a few days off!

If you are dying to install Android apps on your new nookColor the nookDevs team has updated their wiki with the steps to take to root it. This isn't a simple flash of your OS like the nookDevs nook 3G root... Yet. If you aren't the daring type to take your device into dangerous waters many apps will likely be a part of the coming nook app store early next year. Usual disclaimers about this damaging your device, violating your user agreement, or voiding your warranty apply.

What does this mean? It means the nookColor may have just become the most popular Android tablet for the price before Christmas! :)