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TOPIC: ipad2
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We have provided reviews of different accessories for the original iDevice in the past like weird cases made of bacon, wood, alligator skin, and many others. Since we don’t want you to be left behind here are fresh-released accessories for your iPad 2. We consider these accessories early birds in the market so read carefully before making a decision on what to purchase.
1. Apple Digital AV Adapter
Connecting your iPad 2 with your HDTV is really great and Apple Digital AV Adapter will make that possible for you. This accessory will let you connect your iTablet through the AV Adapter and let your HDTV mirror what you can see on your Apple tablet. This will really serve its purpose when you talk to a family member who’s far away from home or have conference call with your business partners using FaceTime. The downside is that you won’t be seeing the feed in full screen, but still this is something worth-trying. It’s currently available for $39.99.

2. Apple iPad 2 Smart Cover
iTablet covers are no longer new to us that we try to look for something that will break the
boredom of “just covering” your iTablet. Smart cover brings the basic purpose of iTablet covers
which is protecting the iDevice from scratch. It also includes a stand that you can use when you
want to watch movies on the device. There are colors and designs that you can choose from.
The only aspect that will make you think twice about buying this case is that it will leave the
back of your iPad2 exposed. You can purchase the case for $39.00 to $69.00.

3. Targus 360 Degrees Rotating Stand/Case
Aside from protecting your second-gen iTablet from scratches as what all cases should do, this one includes the twist of being able to rotate your device vertically or horizontally while keeping it in place as what its names suggests. You can also position your tablet in three different angles and hold it lower for typing tasks. The best part is that it can be converted back to just a case when you travel. It won’t add volume to the iDevice so it’s a perfect partner of your iPad 2 when you travel. It’s currently available for a suggested price of $59.99.

4. Kensington KeyFolio Bluetooth Keyboard Case
Kensington that is famous for making iTablet cases has recently created Kensington KeyFolio Bluetooth Keyboard Case for the iPad 2. This case will make you feel like you’re using a laptop when in fact you’re with your second-gen iTablet. This accessory includes wireless keyboard that you can charge, a flexible stand that you can fold when necessary, and a USB cable. Using this case works perfectly with Facetime since you can let your iPad stand without blocking the camera. Portability wise, the case is light which is perfect when you’re on the go. The case will be released next month for $99.99.

5. Hard Candy StreetSkin iPad 2 Case
This one breaks the style of the usual iTablet case with its rugged and urban look . The case is made of TPU rubber that you can easily slip on your device. This case is perfect when you travel because it offers complete protection that comes with its well-crafted materials. Ladies who wants to maintain the femininity of their iTablet can opt for the pink version and men can stay with black. This case will be released next month for $39.99.

6. CoulVue iPad 2 Car Mount
There’s really no need to keep your iTablet on your lap when you travel when you have CoulVue with you. This accessory will hold your precious device firmly at the back of the car headrest to give your riders the delight of watching movies while you’re hitting the road. This accessory will keep your kids busy while you try to concentrate on your driving. TouCoul will be accepting advance orders in April for a reasonable price of $79.99.

The second gen iTablet is a newly-treasured Apple device and with its release comes accessories that owners can get mainly to protect and pimp their iTablet.
These are our first picks for iPad2 accessories you can purchase. Make sure to check on us each day to stay updated on new accessories you can purchase for your iTablet.

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ipad 2 covers
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