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TOPIC: Email vs V1.2.0
Email vs V1.2.0 6 Years, 3 Months ago Karma: 0
Prior to the latest version OS upgrade V1.2.0 nookC (w/WIFI only) Email configures and worked A-OK.

Just recently I had to change my PW on a Yahoo account.

When I went to update the nC Email Account it is constantly flagging an error message that my Yahoo account either has a bad user name or PW. It is not true as my Yahoo account works well on multiple PC's and even my Droid-X.

There appears to be a bug-problem with the new V1.2.0 email configure tool that prohibits users to make changes.

FYI, here is the kicker I have another Yahoo email account (Y1) setup in the nC... It works A-OK. When I went to see how Y1 was configured to duplicate via manual configure for the PW Y account... The nC when attempting to access my Y1 account via configure stated it too has a user name or PW problem blocking access. I backed out of configure... then checked Y1 using the normal nC email refresh and it still works fine.

So using a lil logic there is a bug in the nC V1.2.0 email setup/configure sub-program.

How do we get this to nC so they can fix (V1.2.1)? Or how do I go back to the last version so I can input my email info and then reinstall V1.2.0? Or is nC not that flexible in going back one version if you find the newest version to buggy/prohibitive?
Dale Kubichek
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Re:Email vs V1.2.0 6 Years, 3 Months ago Karma: 0
I just started w/ NC. I also have had many internet problems. I also have v 1.2.
I attributed the email problems to the different yahoo mail flavors. There are three yahoo mail flavors 1st. Yahoo mail Classic, then a newer version #2 and now the latest version #3. The middle version is what I had been using for about 2 yrs? and it had a feature to allow the return to "Classic" flavor #1 in this discussion.

When I have problems loading my yahoo #2 onto my NC I tried to revert back to Classic #1 and it started to work fine ( however, no graphic pages came up) but I could receive and sent email. So all seem well, I then the next day on my home desk top was using Yahoo mail (the Classic #1) version and decided to update back to Flavor #2 because it has better features on the full size pc. After using email I though well why not try the newest flavor #3 and so upgraded. All seemed well on the pc but then I again couldn't connect on the NC. So I went back to the pc and was frustrated to find there was no return back to previous version #2 or worst yet no return to Classic #1. I was a dutiful user and searched the Yahoo help files and found that there was a decision by Yahoo to not have a back version route from the newest mail #3. So I had yahoo email for 1 day. I called Yahoo support and was guided to an online representative who had to get my Yahoo password and secret question/answer he then switched be back to Classic #1.

So, now I again have email, but it is not fast or even very current, sometimes it seems to bring up only email that are 6 hours old.

Your post, Dale K, leads me to suspect the NC ver. 1.2 itself. I have considered changing to a gmail account because Barns & Nobel seems to have a relationship with Google. Anybody out there using NC Ver. 1.2 and Gmail?
Brian Burke
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