Monday December 11 , 2017
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TOPIC: New Simple Touch problems
New Simple Touch problems 5 Years, 11 Months ago Karma: 0
New guy, not sure this is the right forum, but here goes.

I got a vanilla WiFi nook for Christmas last year and liked it very well. It broke about a month ago so I took it into the BN where my wife bought it. After 4 hrs of determining it was indeed broken they offered me the choice of sending it off for an undetermined time to have it replaced or repaired, or of buying the new Simple Touch for $10. Took the easy way out and got the new machine.

In the old nook, which I used mostly for library books, I found it very easy to organize and sort the library books, and delete them when done. Not so on the new Simple Touch. In fact, as I found at BN and in the FAQ's here, you have to log onto the BN website to delete items, including library books (On the old model you just highlight them and delete them). First of all, compared to the older model, this is inexcusably clumsy. Secondly, why would BN think they have any business scanning the nook for what I read other than what I bought from them? I must have skipped over this part of the T&C's.

I am one of those who think the Constitution went out the window after 9/11 and this is an unacceptable intrusion. Not that the library has anything I would not want to be caught reading, it's just nobody else's business. The inconvenience of the new machine is enough for me to check out Kindles but the intrusion would be enough to walk from BN completely.

So does anyone know if BN have always scanned everything you put into your nook, any and all models? Do Kobo and Kindle do the same thing?

Thanks for your patience on a long post,
Gary Ragan
Fresh Boarder
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