Friday November 24 , 2017
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First of all - Welcome to nookTalk. We have just a few rules you'll need to follow - most of this is just common sense but I'll detail a few items for you.


  • Be nice, especially to newbies. Respect each others opinions, even if you have to disagree.
  • Keep it clean. No swearing, obscene pictures, etc. Pretend like the kids are around and call it good!
  • Don't use the forum to sell your stuff. If you are interested in links or ads just contact Exception: Authors are free to talk about their books to nookTalk users anytime!
  • Keep it legal. Let's pass on talk of how to strip DRM from eBooks (or other types of hacking that is a violation of the law.

Thanks for keeping the forums useful. 

Please Note: I may convert some of the links to affiliate links or add an add to forum category or post to help pay for nooktalk hosting.

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Best ROM options Nook HD 23 February 2015, 16.10
Best ROM options Nook HD
We have a couple of Nook HD devices in our house (known as “hummingbird” platform in Android circles) and I wanted to see what options there were to run as an Android device.  interestingly, there are not as many
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Should you Root the Nook Color? 14 February 2015, 13.08
Should you Root the Nook Color?
Sites talking about rooting the Nook Color  typically advise installing a new Android operating system (ROM) on the device. These ROMS are usually custom built for the Nook Color, based on some variant of
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Reliable way to Root Nook Simple Touch 09 February 2015, 00.00
Reliable way to Root Nook Simple Touch
I recently dusted off the Nook Simple Touch and decided to try some of the root options, mostly to get the Kindle app working. I was amazed at the volume of YouTube videos and XDA Forum threads as well as root options
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