Saturday November 18 , 2017

Should you buy that "Protection Plan" for your Barnes and Noble nook?

We've had this question in the forums, and it's important to consider your options before you purchase. If you think you'll be using your nook for a few years (or like me passing it down to your book-worm son) you may want to consider protecting your investment.

The nook does come with a one year warranty. It doesn't cover dropping the device or dumping a cup of Java on it.


  • Self-insure
    This is my policy. I buy a lot of gadgets and find they generally don't break in 24-36 months. I keep my money in my pocket and think about all I've saved when something breaks! I recently put a new hard drive in my iMac for $250. I got a larger drive and it's still not more than the Apple Care (which would have been expiring soon).
  • Get a Warranty from B&N
    The B&N plan adds a year to the warranty you get with your nook (making it a 2 year) and covers accidental damage (which the regular one does not). The cost is $69. Technically you are required to do this at the time of your purchase. Apparently some stores have been allowing people to return it and re-purchase it with a warranty. Of course if you've opened it you'll likely pay a restocking fee even if you are this lucky. Just order it with your nook if you want one from B&N.
  • Get a 3rd Party Warranty
    Companies like Square Trade offer a three year deals for $39 ($16 extra for drops, spills, and other damage). You have to do this within the first 30 days of purchasing the nook.


Consider if you really need a warranty and what kind. Maybe today is the day to start saying "no" to overpriced warranties! If you are worried about the quality of the nook device consider the $39 Square Trade plan. If you are concerned about damaging your nook and like dealing directly with B&N - I'd just spend the big dollars with them.

Let us know your experiences with warranty work and any other 3rd parties you find!



0 #5 2011-05-27 20:49
I got a nook color as a gift and was really unsure whether to keep it because I have an iPad and was thinking about downsizing to the non-color nook. But the sales person said since it was a gift, I had nothing to loose and all I needed to get was the warranty which was $54.00. He said I really did not have to get that since I would not be out any money if I dropped and broke it. But I got the warranty anyway. Still have not opened it but wlll over this long weekend.
0 #4 2011-05-16 14:36
I got my nook from Topeka Ks store and went back a few days later and bought the service contract. They give you 14 days I think.
0 #3 2010-12-26 12:00
Bought my NookColor and then called the 800 number to purchase the extended warranty (dropping and spilling happens to me!!!). Call 1-800-843-2665. It cost $54.95
0 #2 2010-01-12 10:28
Just posted something about this on the B&N forums. To be clear, the Square Trade option has a $50 deductible for accidental damage so the cost between the B&N and Square Trade is only about ~6 a year.
0 #1 2010-01-11 16:36
Be aware that it will be difficult/impossible to add a B&N warranty AFTER you buy your Nook. I bought a Nook for my girlfriend for Christmas and spent more than I had planned on spending on her (but it was the right gift, so I had to.. ya know?) but thought I'd let her pay for her own coverage. When she went to do it, the said she couldn't because their systems only let them add a warranty to a Nook during purchase, not after.

There's some logic to this, though. If someone bought a Nook, broke it the day they got it, then tried to add coverage AFTER.. they could fix their mistake for free, basically. Too easy to scam. So it's understandable, but still kind of sucks when you drop $280 (after tax and shipping or whatever) and can't afford the extra $70 for the 2 year "all inclusive" B&N coverage, which sounds great for someone like my girlfriend who reads in the tub and is generally hard on electronics.

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