Thursday December 14 , 2017

New nook app for the iPhone & iPad

photoB&N just might be getting it.

B&N has released an update to the iPhone & iPad eReader. The application name is now "nook" brining the app into the new "nook is a platform" strategy. It seems both Apple platforms now share the same application (based on the iPad B&N Reader).  Some new features for iPhone users:

1) Font size and setting pages that don't take minutes to "reformat" the book.
2) Support for the iPhone hi-res screen.  The iPhone may now be one of the nicest ways to read an ebook (if you don't have a nook device).
3) More feature parity with other platforms. 
4) Sync book positions between devices.
5) Ability to remove books from device. 
6) FAST! 

NOTE: You need to be using the new "nook" version of the e-Reader on your machines for sync to work.  It does not work with the nook device, which is still ... lame.

I use the nook app on the iPhone and iPad as well as read on my nook.  I'm quite happy to see the iPhone display support because the B&N Reader was a terrible app and looked terrible on the iPhone 4!  

I've updated both my iPhone and iPad and tried out the page position sync and it works so far. I really liked the iPad application and was quite happy to see the application on the iPhone. It's nice to see the same "branding" (fun nook logo) no matter if I'm using my iDevice or nook.

So fire up those App Store updates and try it out!


iPad, nook, Kobo, or Kindle, which to buy!?

Ok, you've got choices!

You might be focused on the Kindle keyboard, the size of the Kobo, the color touchscreen of the nook, or the glitz of the iPad - all considerations in your decision to purchase a device for reading e-books. Another thing you should consider is the investment you are making in e-books and what store you'll use.  If you plan on buying a lot of e-books you may consider making your investment in the device that matches the marketplace you want to use!  

nook1At this time the major bookstores with the most titles are B&N and Amazon.  The selection from Kobo, Sony, Apple and others is just not quite there yet.  While the "minor" players may have best sellers I think you'll find their collections incomplete.  At face value, B&N has more titles than Amazon but it's hard to compare because they don't disclose the number of titles that are "Google Books" content (fair amount of junk).  My experience is Amazon still has an edge in the e-book market but B&N has made up a lot of ground.  I don't follow periodicals, but users say Amazon has B&N beat there too. The bookstore matters because the B&N and Kindle bookstores are no longer device specific.  If you have a mobile phone, iPad, etc you can read all your Kindle books there.  Other new eReader devices are tying themselves to these major marketplaces.

I've put together a few things I think would push me in one direction or another.

nook: Free reading in B&N stores for 1 hour a day, Lending a book one time for 14 days, use books from any source that uses ePub (Kobo, your local library, and others). B&N has an Apple, iPad, desktop, and other supported devices - but no syncing. Decent e-book selection but not as good for magazines, etc.

Kindle: Great selection and probably best prices overall, great if you plan on mostly buying eBooks (and a lot of them). Same device support as B&N but syncs your books between your readers. No support for other bookstores at all, you are locked into Amazon.

ipadpiciPad: iPad has the ability to get books from many stores (Apple, Kobo, Kindle, B&N) but still no way that I'm aware of to load DRM protected ePubs from other sources like your local library (Stanza can handle non-DRM epubs). If you want to pick and choose totally based on price and availability, don't mind spending more money on the device, and want a multi-purpose device get an iPad.  One warning, it's larger than the other devices and heavier. It may not be as good of a device for long reading sessions.

Kobo: Kobo has a growing online store and multiple device support.  I've been frustrated with the selections in their bookstore when shopping for my nook. The Kobo has one unique feature I've not seen on other bookstores, read books on the web.  If you are considering a Kobo reader or iPad and want to read books you buy with a web browser check out their offerings.

eBook readers have made publishing significantly less expensive and over time all of us bookworms will benefit from more authors and cheaper prices. If you're and author there are eBook publishing companies that can help market and publish an eBook.

I love my e-Reader, but only as I've considered all my sources for e-books did I realize what a big part of the purchase that is! 


nook versus nook Wifi (Lite), which to buy?

Thinking about buying a nook for yourself or someone else? Wondering which model is the best purchase – nook or nook Wifi “Lite”? Good question, and as a veteran nook user and troubleshooter I think I can help!   There are only three differences between these two models.  

1) The nook Wifi is $50 cheaper.

2) The nook Lite does not have free AT&T Cell Service for buying books anywhere (you have to connect to a computer or wif-fi network)

3) The nook Lite has a white back instead of a gray back panel.  

That's it! Obviously cheaper is better so let's look at the other two differences.  

nook_wifi_popup_imgDo you need the 3G feature? The regular nook has a built in cellular network connection that's free for life to buy books anywhere you can get an AT&T data signal. However, the 3G service for the nook, based on my recent experiences, still doesn't work great in non-3G areas (even though it has the right radio equipment). If you aren't in an area with the AT&T 3G service most of the time or don't mind using wifi or connecting your computer to buy books get a nook Wifi.  

Do you hate white? Seriously, some people will like the back of the regular nook because of the contrast of the dark back panel. For $20 you can change it out the nook white back or buy a decal for your nook and you're still $30 ahead! If you don't mind the white back panel or would just change it out anyway buy a nook Wifi.

I bought a nook for $259 when they were first available. If I had to do it again, I'd buy a nook Wifi in a heartbeat. It's a great deal and the options for the nook are much better than the similarly priced Kobo and Amazon readers. Keep the $50 and buy some books!

Order now & get free delivery!
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