Thursday December 14 , 2017

DecalGirl nook Skin Kit Review

Skin Style: “Aqua Tranquility”, Reviewer Jiselle Jude

As new gadgets make it into the market, I noticed that the need for protective/stylish skins has become important for the lifetime of those devices. That is where a company known as DecalGirl comes in. Just recently, I acquired some cool accessories for my Nook. One of which is a DecalGirl skin kit. Below is my review of the impressions I got from my skin kit.

I have only had experience with applying a skin kit to a device only once, and it was with my netbook. The skin kit for the Nook does present its challenges. I think the main challenge is making sure the front cover skin lines up with the screen, since the skin itself has cut outs for both the touch screen and reading pane. The skin itself can be peeled up if you happened to place it wrong, but I think the longer you have it on your device, the harder it is to get it off. A tip is to place the skin on the Nook without pressing down completely in order to make sure you place it right before you set it. The cut out for the touch screen is a bit smaller than the touch screen itself. I don’t know if that was a design choice or not, but either way, it means the device is very much sealed with this skin kit. The face skin covers the front face of the Nook, but it does not flow over the edges too much. There is a back skin as well. There is an aspect of a free screen saver included with the purchase of the DecalGirl skin kit. I think that is my favorite aspect of this product. The kit includes a link and a download code to get a specially designed screen saver that continues the same design as the rest of the skin, which I think is very nice.

Overall, I think it’s a very good product to use with your Nook if you want something to protect it from smudges/fingerprints. There are so many styles to choose from. The biggest recommendation I have is to make sure that if you have any protective screen kits for your Nook, apply those first before placing the skin on it. I’ve got a protective screen kit as well, and because the touch screen cut out on the skin kit is a bit smaller, it won’t work well to place the protective screen over it all. Put any protective screens on first before placing the skin kit. I hope this review was helpful.

Find nook skins on the Decal Girl website!

Thanks Jiselle for your review!


+1 #1 2010-02-26 08:45
Just wanted to say thanks for this! I was looking at one of these, especially because of the free matching screen saver. The part about putting the protector screens on first was a great FYI. :)

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