Monday November 20 , 2017

iPad, nook, Kobo, or Kindle, which to buy!?

Ok, you've got choices!

You might be focused on the Kindle keyboard, the size of the Kobo, the color touchscreen of the nook, or the glitz of the iPad - all considerations in your decision to purchase a device for reading e-books. Another thing you should consider is the investment you are making in e-books and what store you'll use.  If you plan on buying a lot of e-books you may consider making your investment in the device that matches the marketplace you want to use!  

nook1At this time the major bookstores with the most titles are B&N and Amazon.  The selection from Kobo, Sony, Apple and others is just not quite there yet.  While the "minor" players may have best sellers I think you'll find their collections incomplete.  At face value, B&N has more titles than Amazon but it's hard to compare because they don't disclose the number of titles that are "Google Books" content (fair amount of junk).  My experience is Amazon still has an edge in the e-book market but B&N has made up a lot of ground.  I don't follow periodicals, but users say Amazon has B&N beat there too. The bookstore matters because the B&N and Kindle bookstores are no longer device specific.  If you have a mobile phone, iPad, etc you can read all your Kindle books there.  Other new eReader devices are tying themselves to these major marketplaces.

I've put together a few things I think would push me in one direction or another.

nook: Free reading in B&N stores for 1 hour a day, Lending a book one time for 14 days, use books from any source that uses ePub (Kobo, your local library, and others). B&N has an Apple, iPad, desktop, and other supported devices - but no syncing. Decent e-book selection but not as good for magazines, etc.

Kindle: Great selection and probably best prices overall, great if you plan on mostly buying eBooks (and a lot of them). Same device support as B&N but syncs your books between your readers. No support for other bookstores at all, you are locked into Amazon.

ipadpiciPad: iPad has the ability to get books from many stores (Apple, Kobo, Kindle, B&N) but still no way that I'm aware of to load DRM protected ePubs from other sources like your local library (Stanza can handle non-DRM epubs). If you want to pick and choose totally based on price and availability, don't mind spending more money on the device, and want a multi-purpose device get an iPad.  One warning, it's larger than the other devices and heavier. It may not be as good of a device for long reading sessions.

Kobo: Kobo has a growing online store and multiple device support.  I've been frustrated with the selections in their bookstore when shopping for my nook. The Kobo has one unique feature I've not seen on other bookstores, read books on the web.  If you are considering a Kobo reader or iPad and want to read books you buy with a web browser check out their offerings.

eBook readers have made publishing significantly less expensive and over time all of us bookworms will benefit from more authors and cheaper prices. If you're and author there are eBook publishing companies that can help market and publish an eBook.

I love my e-Reader, but only as I've considered all my sources for e-books did I realize what a big part of the purchase that is! 


0 #25 wahid 2013-12-29 06:46
I have Kobo with my Ipad.No problem buying ebooks with my Malaysian credit card or pay-pal. Frustrated with Kindle and Nook as you need a US credit card and a US address to buy their ebooks!
0 #24 sil 2012-05-29 14:12
I love my nook, in fact i am typing on it right now! I do hqve the same problem as gram, and i think you can turn the syncing to none, its just that on mine i like having it syncing all the time, so um i hope this helps!
0 #23 Luis 2012-02-28 03:45
Good news. Nook Tablet 8GB will be available at soon. Place your booking now
-1 #22 gram 2012-02-24 16:35
My email is constantly loading. Has anyone else had this problem and if so how do I fix it?
0 #21 Candi Gunnell 2012-01-23 16:02
Has anyone had problems with their Nook Color Tablet losing the internet? I have only had mine for one month and can't get it to work with the wi-fi although it did work at once...concidering going with an Kindle or Ipad but would really like some opinions on it...I need to know right away since I need to return the Nook for refund if so
+1 #20 Luis 2011-12-29 02:46
If you are still looking for a Kindle or Nook device here in Malaysia, you can try this place here at

Price is quite reasonable
0 #19 sandyss 2011-12-10 02:27
If ipad in a low price,I would prefer to it,but it is so expesive for to buy a tablet,I consider price first,then it's fuctions.all tablet above.I may get a kindle
-1 #18 2011-01-31 09:34
:P :-x :o :cry: :sad: :-| ;-) :lol: :lol: :D
+3 #17 2010-11-08 07:03
Hi, I am one of the very rare ones who owns a Nook living in Malaysia ...:-)

Hi!! I'm a malaysian currently on exchange study programme in the US, and am thinking (A LOT) about getting a nook...but I just want to ask whether is the device fully usable in Malaysia? Access to ebooks and stuff? Especially the library feature, I don't think we can still get access to US libraries? I'm just asking these because I know that in order to use Kindle in Malaysia it appears that you have to be registered under a US address and bank account or something and it's kinda troublesome, in my opinion. So are you registered in B&N as a Malaysian customer? Also what happens if the nook breaks down? Can you have it shipped back to the US to get repaired/replaced?
Thank you so much!
+1 #16 2010-11-02 10:37
I love the Nook.I prefer the Nook over the Kindle for sure.I do like Borders E reader as well,that would be number 2 choice.
I have the I pad,The I touch but I use the NoOK for reading.I dislike LCD for reading,I need E ink.Otherwise honestly,it doesn't feel like I'm reading a novel.It feels like i'm reading an electronic device.
The purpose of the Nook,is for E ""READER"" (note the """READER"") lol!
Kindle is a nifty device,bettery battery life,BUT,I dislike how they keep you STRICTLY in have to buy THEIR books.No Library,no nothing.Trust me,the library is Awesome feature to have as well as the Lend me feature.
On the IPAD,I have all the apps,and I do have some kindle books,I do enjoy the Ipad very much...but Nook takes the spot.
NOW if the KINDLE DX was E PUB..they'd have something I'd be inerested in!!!!LOL
So NOOk,instead of making a mini IPAD,they should've made a BIGGER nook like NOOK DX!!JMHO!

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