Friday November 24 , 2017

Learn about the nook, Tutorials and more!

While you wait for your nook!

Lots of people are waiting for their nook to arrive, and some of you just got yours.Get ready to use your new e-reader by learning more about it. Don't wait until the wonderful package arrives. There are a lot of things you can do to prepare for your nook's arrival.  I've put together a list of things you should consider.

  1. Read the manual. Hey, it's a manual but it ain't half-bad. The manual is ON your nook but you can also find it online here.

  2. Create a B&N account. Hopefully you did this when you bought your nook, but if you didn't do this next.

  3. Get some accessories! You have time to look while you wait :)

  4. Buy a book and try out one of the many B&N platform readers. If you are cheap "buy" a free book from the B&N store.  Check our forum for low-cost deals. B&N has an e-reader for Mac, iPhone, and more. Click here to download an e-reader of your choice.

  5. Check out your local library.  Many local libraries use the "Overdrive" system for library e-books. You can load those on your new nook. NetLibrary also just announced support for the nook. Usually you can find your library online and find out what is offered. It's a chance to renew that library card!

  6. Buy a SD card. You'll want one for extra storage of books and music. We recommend a class 6 Micro SD card.  Click here for some great cheap cardsRead here on how to install it on your nook when it arrives.

  7. Follow us on Twitter!

  8. Install some of the common tools you'll use with the nook.

    • Adobe Digital Editions. Decent reader software you can use to manage books on your nook. If you plan on borrowing books from your local library you'll want to install this tool.
    • Instapaper. Online tool to create e-books from websites. Check out our how-to video on this.
    • Calibre. This is a free open source tool that can convert & manage content like nobody's business. Read more on this informative HOW-TO for Calibre and the nook. Visit the Calibre site and watch their video!


-1 #3 2010-01-18 20:25
Thanks dude, something to kill the time while I WAIT!!!! Calibre demo looks cool.
-1 #2 2010-01-14 13:17
Thanks for the resources! I hopefully will be pre-ordering my nook today! This will come in handy to get a head start on knowing how to use it.
-2 #1 2010-01-13 19:50
Thanks a ton! I'm going to install this software and read the manual. I was just thinking about what I could do while I wait (Feb 1 group) and I saw your tweet! Love you nooktalk!

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