Friday November 24 , 2017

My nook 1.3 Battery Drain Problem Fixed

RootingyournookAlmost since I first updated to the 1.3 firmware I started having battery problems - almost.  A while back I tried the nookdev trick to install some of the nookdev applications like Nook Library (a.k.a. My Books).  To be honest, this free application is quite a bit superior to the B&N "My Library". It puts all of your books in one view, cover flow (I never use), and far better management tools in my opinion.  

After I found out 1.3 didn't do much for my nook issues, I went ahead and switched over to the nookdev version of 1.3.  Unfortunately, a few of the apps didn't work properly for 1.3 and I failed to check.  Some of these application conflicts seem to have caused my battery drains (I guess background threads stealing the battery even in sleep mode?). The latest version of Nook Launcher and My Books appear to have fixed the problem.  I had a steady battery loss that is no longer occurring. 

There were only a few people having this problem which led me to believe it was something about my nookdev setup. This is the kind of stuff you run into when you go off the vendor supported path; that's ok by me.

How to fix? Use Trok to get the newest versions or use adb to uninstall/reinstall.  Here are the command I executed with adb:

./adb uninstall com.nookdevs.launcher 
./adb install -r  nookLauncher.apk  
./adb uninstall com.nookdevs.library 
./adb install -r  nookLibrary.apk 
Hope that helps the other 15-20 of us with the problem :)

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