New to the nook?

First of all, congratulations! You've bought the latest e-reader on the market that's a lot of fun to use. Just like any device, there are some tricks to learn. I've put together some "new user" items for you to consider.

Adding Memory to the nook or nookColor

The nook is very expandable. You can add a large MicroSD card to the device to boost the amount of space you have for books, music, and pictures. I choose to add an eight gigabyte card. I might be able to save you some money here. The nook stores probably over 1000 books with the internal memory. If you don't plan on putting a lot of pictures or music on the nook you probably don't need a memory card.

Read my "How-To" article on Why and How to add Memory to nook

Books beyond Barnes & Noble

My recommendation is to start with B&N and enjoy a few books first. B&N has put the Google books collection in their store so there is plenty of free material to choose from. NOTE: Google books are great for search, but often are poor quality with a lot of errors since they are scanned books. Once you've gotten to know your nook there are a few other sources of material to consider.

Checkout our e-book resources page

Buy a case or bag!

You probably want something to store your nook in. I use the JAVOedge sleeve (see my review) but it's advisable to keep the nook in something to protect it from scratches, spills, etc.  Most of the sleeves will work with the nook or nookColor, however cases that strap the device in will differ for the two types of nooks.

There are also clip-on book lights, e-book holders/stands, and more.

Find Help for your nook

You'll need help. Something won't work right, or you'll not find something where you expect it. Here are some ways to get help.


There are a few tools you'll want to install. Each of these has a different use.

Rooting your nook?

The superuser on the Android system is called "root" and "rooting" is taking control over your root so you can modify the system and install other software on it. This may void your warranty and could destroy the normal operation of your nook.  On the other hand, it could be a ton of fun and let you do other things on your nook.  

The older nook 3G/wi-fi are pretty easy to root and give you a few nice features.  The problem is some of the newer nook 3G/wifi versions may be destroyed by trying to root it.  I'd take a close look at the nookdevs site before you get started. The newer nookColor has a decent root process as well, and gives you access to install any Android application.  Read our articles on rooting the nook.

Usage Tips

We'd love to hear what you think of your new nook!