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Oberon Nook Cover Review

I have eagerly been anticipating my Oberon nook cover for a couple of weeks now. When it showed up on my doorstep I quickly took it out of the box and that is when I new I had made the right choice. It came hand wrapped in brown paper with its own personalized charm tapped to the front of the package. When I unwrapped the cover it was simply stunning, a true work of art. The detail of the design (I chose the Sky Dragon in black) and quality of construction is amazing. Here is a picture gallery of my Oberon nook cover. Cover wrapped up out of the box. The Dragon charm shown came with the cover at no additional cost. Unwrapped first look. The design really pops out at you as well as the smell of the leather.

Detail view of the cover and pewter button. Most designs come with their own unique pewter button.

Cover opened showing the owners manual, leather care instructions and two spare elastic bungees. These bungees are user replaceable. Inside of cover no nook. The left side of the cover is lined with felt to protect the screen of the nook. There is also a small pocket at the bottom. On the right you can see the corner strap system used to secure the nook into the cover. The two felt pads cover rivets used to secure the leather straps. The leather that Oberon uses for the cover is very soft and supple. Because of this there are removable plastic inserts in pockets located on both sides of the cover to help protect your nook. These pockets are also a great place to store things you might want to have handy with your nook. The plastic inserts have been removed to show what they look like. Nook installed into the Oberon cover. Installation is explained in the owner’s manual and is very straightforward. The nook is held in place very securely with no slop. The bottom two and top left straps are made of leather and the top right of bungee cord. Once installed, I turned the cover upside down and gave it a shake test. My nook did not move at all and felt as if it had become one with the cover. I did worry that the bungee would slide off the corner of the nook but once installed I saw this would be difficult to happen. Showing the cover open face down. Oberon has 20 designs to choose from. Some of the designs are on the front of the cover only and some cover the front and back of the cover. Cover closed showing top of nook. Cover closed showing side of nook with bungee closure secured. Cover closed showing bottom ports of nook. USB port is easily accessible. These last three pictures really show how substantial the leather is but also how supple. You can see how the cover was already starting to form to the nook just minutes after installation. Showing off some of the relief work in the design. The detail is truly amazing and these pictures do not do it justice. The design work and the stitching of the leather are flawless but the cover retains the feeling of truly fine hand craftsmanship. There is nothing “cheap” about this cover. It is a wonder to hold in your hands. This is showing the cover folded back on itself. Oberon states that this will not harm the cover in this position. I prefer to hold my nook this way while reading so I can have access to both sides of the hardware buttons. This aspect of the Oberon cover is important because not all covers I researched can do this. Most other covers fold open like a book and I found it hard to access the left side buttons and some of the menu buttons on the touch screen.


I was reading a review of the Oberon cover on Nook Boards and the reviewer had a great idea to install the charm on the bungee enclosure. This adds a little detail to your cover as well as a handy way to open the bungee closure. Once installed, you can use the charm to pull the bungee off the pewter button. Very slick. First, remove the plastic insert from the pocket in order to get to the ends of the bungee. Insert your hand and grab one of the ends of the bungee and help guide it out the hole. I found it best to pull and push at the same time. Next, install the charm and insert the end of the bungee back into the hole. Again, I found it easier to pull and push at the same time to help guide the metal tip of the bungee back into the hole. Make sure you fold both the metal ends against the outer edge of the cover (where it is stitched). Finally, replace the plastic insert. Charm installed on bungee. Ready to re-insert the bungee. Finished product. Charm installed and cover bungee secured around button. You can see how you just grab the charm and pull it around the button to get the bungee off.

My Parting Shot

The Oberon covers, from their supple leather, stunning designs and quality craftsmanship are a beautiful addition to your nook. The cost of the cover is $75 (plus any tax and shipping) which in my opinion is worth it for the quality product you get. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a quality cover for their nook. Check out the other designs at Oberon's website.
Happy Reading!


+1 #16 amy 2012-01-13 22:21
Thanks for the detailed review and instructions. I just got my nook cover (for tablet) and it is awesome and the charm instructions were helpful!
0 #15 2011-11-21 10:56
That looks awesome! I have a leather journal and I just love it! I would definitely get a leather cover for my nook. It's an amazing design!
0 #14 2011-10-25 16:16

I've been looking at covers for a while and I have got to say the Oberon described on this page is a very cool looking piece of kit. It's got some fantastic detail and design in it. Real one off!
+1 #13 2011-03-08 17:13
These covers are fine I guess, but they make the Nook heavier and bulkier and that is not the idea of an ereader in the first place, in my opinion. I prefer something like a case I can store it safely in and take out when I am reading and hold the Nook itself. I purchased a simple sleeve for $7.95 including shipping at and I am very happy with it. Besides the very low price, it fits the Nook just right.

Just my two cents worth.
0 #12 2011-03-01 15:12
I just received my new Oberon Designs Hollyhock in gold for my Nook. It is just beautiful and the workmanship is just out of this world!! It is so elegant and so lovely!!! I also love the little card holder with the butterfly in red!! What a beautiful way to protect my new Nook!!
0 #11 mon012 2011-01-12 04:12
Oberon is superb quality case, look great!
0 #10 2011-01-06 11:47

Who out there has a Nook Color? What's the advantage vs Kindle, or getting an Android tablet?
0 #9 2011-01-01 18:02
That is an awesome cover! What a beautiful dragon that is pressed into the leather. Does it protect against drops well or is it more of a pretty face to protect against scratches? Either way, very cool!
Dahu Dallas
0 #8 2010-12-12 06:11
Oh, my God, it is awful!

I assume you mean 'awful' as in the old meaning of the word.. LOL

0 #7 2010-09-06 08:41
I can't wait to get mine!I got the red roses!:)

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