Troubleshooting Help - Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) with nook or nookColor


Everyone loves to troubleshoot device and software problems while trying to do simple things ... like read a book, right? Could Adobe Digital Editions be the tool nook and nookColor owners love to hate?

First, if you are just getting started with the nook or nookColor we have a video tutorial to cover the basics. There are a few things if you don't do right can cause problems later. The video covers tool installation, setup, and copying books.  

Download Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) Tool from Adobe
Watch the nookTalk ADE Tutorial Video to get started

If you are only purchasing B&N content or downloading books that are NOT copy protected don't waste your time with this silly tool, you don't need it!  This tool is used for downloading copy protected content from online eBook retailers and many local libraries.  If you are looking for a good eBook management tool for your computer this is not the one, checkout Calibre instead.

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The rest of this article will cover troubleshooting ADE when it doesn't work correctly.

Device Missing or Error Messages?

Nook not showing up in ADE? Getting errors like "User not activated"?  

We'd suggest the following steps to "reset" the software:

If your nook is still not visible ... take these additional steps

The last step once the nook is showing up is to click "Authorize Device".  See our video tutorial for copying files to the nook if you need more help.

Error Messages when plugging in nook and missing book covers?

, nothing is wrong with your eBooks from B&N. While B&N uses Adobe technology their books aren't compatible with ADE (ironic eh?).  Thankfully most versions of epub files are compatible with your Nook.

Can't open your Book Download?

Well first you should know you won't be downloading the book itself, you'll download a link to the book.
 That might sound confusing but let's keep it simple.  When you download from Kobo or your public library your browser should give you the option to open or save.  The easiest thing to do is to open the download file. As a matter of fact if you are given the option to always open this type with this program, choose YES or CHECK the box (depends on browser and OS). This will launch the Adobe tool and let you copy it to the nook (see tutorial video).  

If you don't get an option to open it that's ok.  Just go to your downloads directory and find the file.  It will end in .ascm - just double-click it!


Hopefully our video and the troubleshooting tips above get you back in action using non B&N content on your nook or nookColor. Please post ADE troubleshooting questions in the nookTalk Forum.