Friday November 24 , 2017

A New Reader App for the nook?

One of the things I really don't like about the nook is the reading the controls, they just aren't very compelling.  For example, I would like to see what chapter I'm in or have the ability to pick a page number. These are simple things B&N could have added in by now (maybe in between sudoko and chess?)

Looks like someone from the nookdevs community is whipping up just what the doctor ordered.  Check out this video.  Hopefully it appears on the nookdevs application list soon; I checked their source repository and didn't find anything :(


0 #4 2010-06-24 22:22
You can select pages in NOOK, it's in the Go To menu, there already is a little slider that selects page numbers.
0 #3 2010-06-20 13:31
I got the Nook about 2 weeks ago. Love it, love it, love it!!!!! I was able to download a book while sitting on the beach and reading in the sun was a breeze!!
-6 #2 2010-06-14 14:42
Oh my Goddddd!!! I recently bought a Barnes and Noble NOOK...I have had it for one and a half months and so far i have had to replace it TWICE!!! The first time the side plastic cracked. Barnes and Noble told me that this does ocassionaly happen..Ocassionally? I didnt have it a month...So they gave me a new one..well ive used it for two weeks and now the dumb thing wont turn on...and yes folks it is charged. So far i have had to waste 3 days..the first day for buying it and learning how to work it..the second day for having to replace it and the Staff at barnes and noble were totally oblivious to how to return it thus costing me an entire day before they figured out how to do it..and now this is the third day..again having to replace it...BOOOO barnes and noble Nook!!2 thumbs down.
+2 #1 2010-06-07 07:39
I like it, hope it does go into an upgrade for the nook.
Thanks for sharing

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