Differences between nook color and nook tablet?

They could have just called it the Nook Color 2!

Changes in Device Body? Not much. They are the same design and look.
Changes in the Internals? That's the big difference.
  • Nook Tablet has 1GHz dual-core processor /1 GB RAM versus 800MHz /512 MB RAM single core in nook Color.
  • 16GB RAM storage on Tablet versus 8GB RAM on Nook Color. At this point only 1GB of the RAM is available for you to use on non-B&N content. Most people could just add space with an SD card where they control what goes on it ($20 for 16GB SD card).
Battery, Screen, Other?
  • Tablet battery has 11.5 hours of "read time" versus 8 hours on the nook Color
  • Same screen size, resolution, and technology - no changes.
  • Tablet has a microphone which can be used to provide your own narrations to kids books.
Software Differences? Not as much with latest nook Color update
  • Tablet supports better resolutions on video and has Hulu app pre-installed. Netflix works on either.
  • New "Read and Record" your own book narration only on Tablet
So which should you pick? I think if $50 isn't a big deal I'd get the latest because it's going to be more future proof on B&N nook updates. I don't think you can go wrong on the nook Color if your primary use is for reading eBooks and light email/web use. If you want more multimedia features you should start with the nook Tablet.