Friday November 24 , 2017

Donating eBooks to the Library?

This goes in the category of "YES-WE-CAN".library

Do you own an eBook reader like the B&N nook? Are you a library enthusiast, or would like to share books more widely than you can with "Lend-Me"? If your local library makes use of OverDrive for eBooks you are in luck!

A nookTalk user alerted me to a thread on Mobile Read that has a personal story about how to do this. I've summarized the steps to take to purchase a book for your library (and borrow it yourself of course).

1) Locate a book your are interested in at Overdrive ( The search results will show you what is available, and what may be in your local library.

2) Find the "Contact us" link and email Overdrive about purchasing the book for your library. They will forward the request to your librarian. Some librarians may not be familiar with this process or have someone to handle your request. It's possible your library has no easy way to handle this. It may be useful to contact your library the first time.

3) You will be contacted on how to pay the invoice for the eBook. Most libraries will have a discounted rate, but click here to find out the retail cost of the book you are considering (most likely more than B&N purchase)

4) Be the first to check it out from your local library! It's likely to appear immediately after payment.

5) Send Overdrive an email telling them that you think this is great and ask them to implement accepting payments directly for ebook donations to the selected library. This one change would be a huge help to get patrons purchase ebooks to donate.


0 #2 2010-11-12 15:29
Arguably this should also be a tax deduction. So if you itemize, it may turn out to be significantly cheaper to buy an Overdrive book, donate it, check it out at the library, and then claim the deduction on your tax return. Since you are paying what the Library would have to pay anyways the value should be the same. Depending on your tax bracket that would be a 20%-30% discount, after taxes. Probably want to run this by the IRS first, however, since they unlikely have any tax policy established.

+1 #1 jroyle68 2010-06-09 21:59
I'll check out the prices and try; I use the library a lot and it's worth helping out once and a while.

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