Saturday November 18 , 2017

iPad or nook? The Big Question!

You still want a nook, not an iPad... or do you? I think the iPad in incredibly appealing device. With five iPhones in my house I can assure you the "drool factor" is high! Get rid of the laptop, the nook, and go with an iPad right?

The iPad can do almost everything. The iBook application provides a very nice backlit reading experience. Now you can even use the new B&N app for the iPad. Send twitter messages, do email, watch movies, the sky is the limit! No worries about if B&N will open up the nook for apps on it's slow 6" e-Ink screen - you'll have 10" of Apple-screen-goodness with hundreds of thousands of apps ready to go! Ok, anyone want to buy MY nook??

Ok, wait a second. Do I see myself easily taking the iPad everywhere with me like my nook? Could I hold a device that weighs twice as much as a nook for a 2-hour reading session? Do I want another device I have to plug in every night? After staring at a computer all day do I want to look at another backlit screen? Do I want to be interrupted by tweets, news, email, and more while I read books? Wait a second... Why did I buy a nook?

Why I bought a nook

I bought a nook because I love books and wanted to be able to read more easily (larger font) and have my books always around. I wanted something I could charge once a week and know it was always "ready to go". The nook is almost too big and heavy for me, but it's good enough. I like the fact when I steal away to read on my nook nobody bugs me (except my kids). So maybe there are two different devices for different users. I put this list together to help my wife decide whether to cancel her nook order or not.

How to Choose

You want a device that...

  • Could replace a laptop or netbook
  • Has tons of great apps
  • Large multimedia screen
  • Can do multimedia in style
  • Has e-reader software, but not the primary function
  • Want to view PDF docs full size with zoom in/out and no "reflow"
  • Syncs with Apple content you already own and works with your Mac perfectly
  • Use multiple bookstore applications ON ONE device (B&N, Kobo, etc already announced iPad apps)
  • Plays games!
Get an iPad - it's AWESOME!

You want a device that....
  • Has great book deals and supports open book formats
  • Very portable, easy to hold
  • Primarily a book reader, but can run some apps
  • Can be charged weekly instead of daily
  • Cheap (cheapest iPad configuration is 2x and no 3G)
  • Free 3G for buying books and shopping all Google books
  • Screen that's easy on the eyes
  • Fits in your purse or backpack easily.
Get a nook! It is a great e-Reader now that most the bugs have been worked out!


My iPad Trial

I love many things about the iPad - there are two reasons I didn't buy one. First, it's too big. It's not as small as I'd like it diagonally or in thickness. Second, it's too heavy. I simply can't imagine holding it and using it for longer than 30 minutes without my hand getting tired. It's over twice the weight of the nook and more to hold in the hands. I expect I'll get the 2011 version that is thinner and about one pound in weight :) (Sure go ahead and start that rumor!)

It's Ok to Drool

So let the iPad wow you - but think about if you want an e-Reader or a kick-butt portable tablet computer. 
So what are you going to do?




-1 #39 herpderp 2012-12-06 09:09
I have a nook tablet but i do want to go to ipad. I have a lo to fitunes stuff and i twont work for nook.
+4 #38 Aimee423 2012-02-16 03:10
i would like to get the iPad.
As I have read these comparison "Kindle Fire VS iPad2, who is the winner?" "Kindle Fire VS Nook Tablet Specs"in Aneesoft tablet spot, and found finally the iPad is the winner, and I have collected many apps for it.
0 #37 TinaPace 2011-12-29 23:16
My husband likes to be on Facebook and I like to read. We have WiFi at home and most places we go have it too. I don't want a monthly service fee - should I buy the Nook tablet?
+3 #36 Bella 2011-12-29 12:57
I just got the nook tablet for christmas! Even if the nook and ipad are similar the nook is for less price. The nook is what i highly recommend because of the size,picture,an d apps. I have an ipad as well and i tend to use my nook more because of the portable size! All i want to say is PURCHASE A NOOK!
+14 #35 jfandrews 2011-12-19 10:49
Can you use apps that are used on apple products (ipads, itouch, etc.) on nook?
-1 #34 admin 2011-12-08 07:52
Quoting William Goetz:
The Nook Tablet weighs .88 pounds and the iPad is 1.33 pounds. While the iPad is obviously heavier, it's inaccurate to say it is twice as heavy. ;-)

This article was about the iPad 1 3G model (2 wasnt out) I own which weighs 1.6 lb not including the case (apple specs). Even then you are correct it's not twice as heavy but it's close - and another ounce would change the hand feel of holding it ;)
+3 #33 William Goetz 2011-12-08 07:37
The Nook Tablet weighs .88 pounds and the iPad is 1.33 pounds. While the iPad is obviously heavier, it's inaccurate to say it is twice as heavy.
0 #32 2011-11-23 14:06
I love my Nook! I have just the simple e-ready and I love it. But I've looked at the new tablet and now I'm debating it if I want it or not. My husband wants the IPAD,but I wouldn't use half the apps he would.
+1 #31 2011-09-29 21:48
I am getting Nook (2 to be sure). iPad is good, but Nook is the same thing. It is basically an tablet in the form of an eReader. True it might not have many apps, but hey, i could find all the necessary ones without the annoying factors of an iPad. I tried both and the Nook just blew me away.
+1 #30 2011-05-22 17:46
I was at the barns and noble today and i was playing with the nook.I think the nook is better because it costs way less money and can do all of the same things as a ipad does.I would reccomend the nook insted of a 900$ rip off

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