Lending on the nook may NOT be what you expect!

One of the big things about the nook is the ability to lend your eBooks with other nook users. Imagine being able to take the books you bought and read and lend them to others electronically! A modern day book fair might be a big website where people trade books back and forth, knowing they'll be electronically returned to them after some pre-determined period. College textbook buyback? Wow, that could change that game right?

The latest buzz on some of the B&N company support forums gives us some specifics how lending on the nook will work. Apparently the way customer service is describing the "loan" process is you can share a book with a person for up to fourteen days at a time. The lead support person in the B&N forums has clarified that a bit, and you won't like the answer.  The books you buy for your nook can only be loaned out ONCE for fourteen days; that's it!

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