Nook Color Software Update Coming?

Normally B&N just surprises everyone with nook software updates. This time they start teasing people on their Facebook page with vague software update comments and posting images of the Angry Birds game.  Now we have the Home Shopping Network (HSN) sell a nook Color for $299 (with an SD card with 100 books) and disclosing some of what's coming in the new update.  The timeframe is April, and it seems HSN customers buying these overpriced nooks will get it before us.


Here are the highlights from the HSN page.


  • Shop the NOOK Store for a wide variety of fun and engaging NOOK Apps
  • Download all types of apps to get even more out of your device
  • Some of the exciting new apps include Angry Birds, Lonely Planet Phrasebook and Drawing Pad


Adobe Flash
  • Expand your web experience by watching videos that use Adobe Flash


Built-in Email
  • Stay connected via built-in email, just like you do on other tablets and high-end smartphones
  • No need to go through Internet browser
This excite you? I assume since it has flash it's running a newer version of Android so this is a pretty big update. I hope we'll see it in the next week.