Nook Color update 1.4.1 - Netflix and much more!

B&N has a new big update for the nook Color that contains a lot of new features as well as performance improvements. Here are some of the big ticket items in the update:

nook141So my impressions are that after an hour of playing this is a pretty solid update. The netflix streaming was nowhere as smooth as my iPad but it was usable. The shop app updates are nice. I know a LOT of people have been waiting for landscape reading and it seems to work well (2 column layout).  

You know, given how some devices I own have been abandoned (Galaxy Tab 7) I think it's great to see B&N hasn't left the nookColor in the dust as with their new nook Tablet on the scene :) 

If you don't want to wait for the update you can get more information and download it on the B&N site here.

If you have a rooted device or sideload apps you should wait before applying this update as B&N has closed sideloading. I think this is a huge mistake - but hopefully you'll be able to root this version soon and bypass that restriction.