Monday November 20 , 2017

New nook app for the iPhone & iPad

photoB&N just might be getting it.

B&N has released an update to the iPhone & iPad eReader. The application name is now "nook" brining the app into the new "nook is a platform" strategy. It seems both Apple platforms now share the same application (based on the iPad B&N Reader).  Some new features for iPhone users:

1) Font size and setting pages that don't take minutes to "reformat" the book.
2) Support for the iPhone hi-res screen.  The iPhone may now be one of the nicest ways to read an ebook (if you don't have a nook device).
3) More feature parity with other platforms. 
4) Sync book positions between devices.
5) Ability to remove books from device. 
6) FAST! 

NOTE: You need to be using the new "nook" version of the e-Reader on your machines for sync to work.  It does not work with the nook device, which is still ... lame.

I use the nook app on the iPhone and iPad as well as read on my nook.  I'm quite happy to see the iPhone display support because the B&N Reader was a terrible app and looked terrible on the iPhone 4!  

I've updated both my iPhone and iPad and tried out the page position sync and it works so far. I really liked the iPad application and was quite happy to see the application on the iPhone. It's nice to see the same "branding" (fun nook logo) no matter if I'm using my iDevice or nook.

So fire up those App Store updates and try it out!


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0 #9 2010-11-03 09:43
This nook app is a significant downgrade from the B&N ereader. It is slower, more difficult to see than the ereader and has less of the features people really want such as page lock and the ability to determine whether one wishes to slide or tap to turn the page.

Due to a stupid decision on B&N's part to disable the ereader from being able to access the online library, former users are being forced to try this piece of junk.

The result - 1 star review after 1 star review on the apple app store. (a number of comments that people would give this a 0 star reveiew if apple allowed that.) Plus a significant move of customers from Barnes and Noble to Kindle.

Really really bad design
0 #8 2010-10-27 17:03
I just bought the nook when it came out back in the spring... and NOW this, which I love my nook but I really want the nook color. ONLY problem I just spent the money on the nook and 1 year protection plan. Will there be an exchange sort of deal or what? Email me please if there is!!!
-1 #7 2010-09-21 19:15
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0 #6 2010-09-02 11:09
Get an iTouch and use the B&N eReader app (more settings and much better than either the Nook or Kindle app) - it can be read in brightest sunlight AND is backlit so can be easily read in the dark with no extra lighting needed!
0 #5 2010-09-02 11:05
Get an iTouch (great in brightest light AND backlit to read in the dark) and use the B&N eReader app (free) which has more settings than the B&N Nook or use the Nook or Kindle apps (nether as good as B&N eReader).
-1 #4 2010-08-27 09:41
Am I just missing something, or is the iphone/ipad app more robust than the crap Mac desktop one they offer?

I was disappointed with it after my download...
+1 #3 2010-08-18 11:07
As Mark said, the fact that the sync feature STILL DOESN'T WORK with the actual Nook device is a major "LAME." Out of curiosity, I sent an email to B&N Support about this issue and this is the response I got:

Dear Customer,
Thank you for your email regarding sync. This feature will most likely be made available mid August. But please keep in mind there is no exact time of arrival. We hope this email has been helpful.
Customer Service Representative
Barnes and Noble

I guess we shall see. B&N really needs to get this sync issue resolved. I mean really???? Lame.

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