Thursday December 14 , 2017

Nook Glowlight Review - Take 2?

Barnes & Noble does a great job of keeping a moving target on their products to facilitate market interest. Their newer product from the “Simple Touch” line keeps the same comfortable feel of previous models yet it shaves nearly an ounce from the weight (making it lighter than Kindle Paperwhite too). Think about it - the eReader is about the same size and weight as a paperback novel!

So what’s New Here?

  • Sadly one of the classic nook features is gone - physical page-turn buttons. This is classic nook and a part of every nook from the beginning. I don’t know if new users will miss this feature given it’s missing in much of the competition but .. wow! Personally I think it’s a loss.
  • A light gray rubber “bumper” around the reader which has a nice look but doesn’t probably add any real protection in case of a fall.
  • Oddly, power button is now on the left top side - does anyone at B&N not use a sleeve for their device? This is a terrible idea in my opinion.
  • Loss of the SD card slot, which I’d say most people didn’t use but some will miss it. To make up for the lost of SD card you’ll now have 4GB which is ahead of previous generations and ahead of the competition.
  • The rear cover is pretty minimal and sadly has lost the concave surface which in previous readers helped the Touch conform to the hand.
  • The best news here is the display - now based on the Pearl e-Ink display which bumps up the reader's screen density from 167 pixels per pinch to the 212. The new nook is on par with the Kobo and Amazon readers again for screen clarity - which in my opinion is the primary value of eInk, not the lack of a backlight.
Time to upgrade? If you were as disappointed as I was with the uneven backlighting of the first Glowlight (I returned it) this device has a much more even light but the biggest reason to update is the higher resolution screen. Unless you are looking for a tablet device this is THE eReader device from B&N to buy.

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