Saturday November 18 , 2017

Nook, the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly?

This has been the week of reviews! The week started with several mostly pretty positive reviews. Later in the week we heard some bad user reviews online from customers who received their nook. Now there are a few notable negative online reviews.

The Critics

Here are a few of the really critical reviews:

User Issues

In addition some users on Twitter have highlighted some issues, here are a few example tweets.

@pcellino : I don't know where the trouble lies. System charged me with no problem would not send to the device. Overall the device is in beta.
@geektonic I had my Nook lock up once last night as well. Had to hold down on the power button for a long time and it "rebooted".
@iAinsley #nook, connecting to wireless network seems to be a problem. "Network Unavailable".

Several users over in the B&N eBook support forums received nooks that were DOA or became completely broken almost immediately.

Kindle or nook?

So if you haven't decided yet on the million dollar question - Nook or Kindle - it's understandable why you haven't. I think it's clear B&N shipped the nook before it was fully-baked and there are some software issues. I don't view this as a show-stopper unless you think B&N is going to disappear or you can't deal with several weeks less than optimal usage while the upgrade the device and improve the online store.


Some of the issues may not be as bad as you think. One example is the page turning "lag" compared to the Kindle isn't that dramatic. Check out this video - but the best advice is to go to a store and play with one!