Monday November 20 , 2017

Nook Touch Browser - Cute or Useful?

touchbrowserBeauty is in the eye of the beholder right?

B&N has been leaking out informally that the nook Touch has a browser. If you go to the search screen and put in a URL it will launch the browser with that site. You might call this a special surprise or and "easter egg".  While it's not supported (yet) it does look much like the browser from the Nook 1st Edition - but it loads far faster. The navigation up and down the page seems near impossible and opening links don't always work right (or at all) for me.

Is it useful? Well if you could flip it sideways and it wasn't a bit buggy I'd say so.  If all you want to do is look at the weather for your town or very simple things it might be a great "freebee".

I think B&N may have apps and a browser on this device, it's just not in "phase 1"... I think there is some danger in this since it's such a great eReader with killer battery life (I'm at almost two weeks with mostly wifi on and a lot of use - 62% remaining).  Time will tell, but for know you have a simple browser!

So would you use it? Have any better luck with it than I have?


0 #13 2011-11-28 15:30
The Recent Firmware was SUPPOSED to get rid of this browsing method.
There is a newer way to find it, that still works!
Heres the link to a how to video:
0 #12 2011-11-25 19:59
For some strange reason, I can no longer access the web browser. It worked on 11/7 and when I tried on 11/16, it only goes the the B&N shop. I am not sure what happened. Has anyone experienced this problem recently?
0 #11 2011-11-17 09:25
this is the coolest thing ever i ct wt to gt mine !!!!
0 #10 2011-10-24 23:25
I can see it’s handy for booksellers to be able to slot every ebooks
into a given genre, but it has nothing at all to do with quality. This mitigates against many a harmless good book
0 #9 2011-09-01 23:15
and if you press and hold on the screen you get settings menu and can even search on this page :) but no ping and zoom unfortunately perhaps it will come soon ...
0 #8 2011-08-13 09:44
...well not GREAT, but it worked LOL!
-1 #7 2011-08-13 09:35
"" worked great for me too! Thank you
0 #6 2011-08-12 20:12
nook color is awesome.....i can throw the device to the window!~
0 #5 2011-06-26 19:05
man, THANK YOU SO MUCH. I'm staying at a hotel with a wifi hotspot login, where you have to pass multiple screens in order to register your device in order for wifi to work, i did this trick and it worked like a charm.

seriously saved me to hassle of having to return the nook.
+1 #4 2011-06-17 23:58
Has anyone found a way to browse *local* html files? This is interesting. If you add a file "test.htm" to the root of the nook while you have it connected and then do a "search" for file:///mnt/media/test.htm you get TWO results but if you search for "a_file_that_doe snt_exist.htm" you get ONE results. The search function actually DOES seem look for and find local html files. Sadly however, I can't get them to open in the browser.

Humm... What if you made a .epub that linked to .htm files? I need to try that next.

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