Nook Touch Browser - Cute or Useful?

touchbrowserBeauty is in the eye of the beholder right?

B&N has been leaking out informally that the nook Touch has a browser. If you go to the search screen and put in a URL it will launch the browser with that site. You might call this a special surprise or and "easter egg".  While it's not supported (yet) it does look much like the browser from the Nook 1st Edition - but it loads far faster. The navigation up and down the page seems near impossible and opening links don't always work right (or at all) for me.

Is it useful? Well if you could flip it sideways and it wasn't a bit buggy I'd say so.  If all you want to do is look at the weather for your town or very simple things it might be a great "freebee".

I think B&N may have apps and a browser on this device, it's just not in "phase 1"... I think there is some danger in this since it's such a great eReader with killer battery life (I'm at almost two weeks with mostly wifi on and a lot of use - 62% remaining).  Time will tell, but for know you have a simple browser!

So would you use it? Have any better luck with it than I have?