nookcolor, the B&N iPad?

Meet_Nook_3Today B&N announced a new eReader device in the nook family - nookColor. From a hardware perspective, the new nookColor is really more like the iPad than the current nook device. It has a backlit color touchscreen and is powered to run a variety of applications. The current nook is focused on being an eReader device with an "easy on the eyes" screen and a long battery life. As much as B&N tried, the current nook is really only good for reading books. It turns out that's why most of us bought it!

While the new nookColor shares more in common with the iPad from a device perspective it has a smaller screen and a highly customized B&N interface (built around the Android platform). Make no mistake the nookColor will not function just like an iPad or Samsung Tab - it will have a very strong focus and tie to being an eReader.

Here are some of the known benefits over the nook:

Works with the new "Nook Kids" technology for kids interactive eBooks.
Highly optimized interface for reading magazines and periodicals. 
Will likely work with nookStudy (but no word on that yet).
New social apps including sharing LendMe books (very nice feature).
Manage & View other files (PDF, Word, Powerpoint). 
Includes more non-reader apps than the nook.
Special screen cover to reduce glare (maybe from the screen itself)
A promised "App Store" for developers to add new apps.
More memory for storing books, music, etc. 

All that color and extra functionality may not be your thing. Here are some disadvantages of the nookColor:

Cost. The nook will probably be $99 for the Wifi version soon - that's a big price difference.
You'll find yourself wasting the 6-8 hours of battery on non-book reading (if my iPad usage is any clue!)
Distractions. Since it's more than a book reader and that may distract you from enjoying books.
Applications will only be from B&N now, not as full-featured as a tablet.
No free 3G to buy books.
Backlit screen. It's not going to be as easy on the eyes - it's a computer screen. 

So the question is ... would you rather spend $500 for an iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tab and have something potentially "bigger and better" with some of the same B&N apps? Do you like the idea of the current nook with the long battery life, simple interface, and clear screen? I think if you are looking for a great eReader the B&N nook and the new Kindle are the best deals for the money. I'll be honest I'm not sure what I think of this new nook yet!

It's available for pre-order now and should begin shipping November 19th. It may get back-ordered so if you really think this is "your thing" I'd order today with FREE shipping. They are planning on having it available by December at Best Buy and Walmart.

Ok, So besides the "Gee I wish I didn't just buy a nook" reactions... what do you think of the new device?  Ebay the nook and pre-order nookColor? Happy with what you have?