Monday December 11 , 2017

Scoop on nook Case Discoloration

After a painful phone call, I think I have some useful information to share with you on the nook discoloration issue.

My journey with support began by emailing the "nook" e-mail support box.  After one week I got an email back saying it was a "wear and tear" problem from my handling of the device and not covered.  I emailed back saying that answer wasn't acceptable for a device less than several weeks old and that the problem wasn't just mine.  Another week later I got a response saying that I should  call B&N regarding my issue.

The person I contacted seemed aware of the issue, but challenged me that it was probably just something about my environment. I asked him to google "nook" and "discoloration" and tell me if he still thought that.  He then asked me if I thought "the color changes impacted my use of the device". I didn't care for this line of reasoning, I said yes - because when I take it out of my case it makes me mad! Laughing  I should have asked him if he bought a new black car and it started turning shades of pink how that would affect his driving. Next, we got to talk about how wear and tear and not covered by the B&N agreement. He actually had me go and read it with him on the website (the extended protection plan version though)!  I asked him how a device could have "wear and tear" after a few weeks of use if it wasn't defective.  He put me on hold.  "Sir, I have an option for you!".  The great news is he would let me return my nook to them for examination, but he promised me it was highly unlikely they would do anything other than ship it back.  My response was, "Can I speak with your manager please?".

The call center manager on duty, Chris, came on the line.  We talked about the issue and he told me that even if I sent it back they would just return it (different story than I had just heard).  He told me again about "wear and tear" and I got hear his "sob story" about his MacBook that Apple never took care of regarding a similar issue.  He said unless B&N decides it has a defect he can't do anything.  Now we are getting somewhere.  I asked if B&N was aware of the issue, or if they are just dismissing everyone that tells them of the issue.  According to Chris, it has been escalated to the product team already and the topic has been discussed several times on the calls he has been on.  He said B&N is investigating the issue and he promised me users would either get an email (if a defect is determined) or a notification on the blog/support site of their decision.  I advised Chris that the message he shared with me was a far better one to share with customers than the "it's your problem, wear & tear,  not covered" message.  He agreed, and said he would discuss it with his call center support folks and the other call center managers.

So, my advice is if you have this problem, call in AND email them. He said every interaction get logged with the serial number and issue.  The more response B&N has from customers on this issue the more likely they will take care these defective cases.  Meanwhile I'm waiting for B&N to decide the right thing. It would be nice to just send us a replacement from their new color case back selection!

For those of you that have this problem you should be aware the TOS on the nook says if B&N decides something is a defect you can get a replacement OR a refund. Just something to keep in mind. 


0 #13 2010-03-08 19:06
After reading this I looked at my Nook but don't see any of this discoloration. I did however notice that the back cover seems to be made of a very porous plastic. I think anything would change the color of that back. Wonder if all the back covers are made like this?
0 #12 admin 2010-02-26 22:24
HA! If B&N leaves me hanging I may just consider the orange and lime duct tape approach.
0 #11 Flip 2010-02-26 15:29
Hey Mark, you know how people make stuff out of duct tape all the time, wallets, flowers? You should get some of the neon color duct tape and put a nice layer on your back cover. Neon orange would really make a statement, lol.
0 #10 admin 2010-02-23 14:08
Quoting Ktrek:
My wife put a nice ding and scratch in the bumper of our car the first week we had it but I would never demend Toyota do something about it. The cover is a rubber pourous material and I expect that B&N will not give refunds or replacements. If they send you a replacement it will just start happening to the new one.

I don't consider holding my nook the same as damaging it! I'd agree with your car example. But if my new white toyota bumper started changing colors I WOULD expect them to fix it. Actually it seems only some people have the problem, and mine is continuing to change color. My wife's is used the same way and no changes... So I think a new back will fix it.

Mine started after 2-3 weeks of use, just a material problem.
0 #9 Ktrek 2010-02-23 12:14
I have a small amount of discoloration on each end of the left side of the back. Only on the corners. I suspect that the discoloration for me is from the case I slip it in and out of. I prefer that type of a case over one that holds it permanently in place but I can see the advantage of have one that seats the nook properly. In any case it's not enough of a concern for me to bother B&N over. My wife put a nice ding and scratch in the bumper of our car the first week we had it but I would never demend Toyota do something about it. The cover is a rubber pourous material and I expect that B&N will not give refunds or replacements. If they send you a replacement it will just start happening to the new one.
0 #8 Aversiera 2010-02-22 17:56
Mark, have you tried taking your defective nook case into a store? In my experience a store manager will do whatever it takes to keep a customer happy. If they have a returned nook in the store (before it's been shipped back) they'll probably let you switch case backs.
0 #7 2010-02-22 15:06
The material the backing is made of is porous type of plastic it probable turned that color because of dye from back pack or what it has been carried in(possibly the bag in the photo). I suggest a skin. I have had nook since December and the back is fine.
0 #6 2010-02-22 01:01
Maybe people should start considering putting in a complaint to the better business bureau. You make a good point, if you buy a new car and the paint starts to mess up, then something needs to be done. I don't see why this doesn't apply to the Nook. And it's not like this is the only problem people are having. For example some customers page turning buttons are cracking. There are of course numerous of other problems. But B&N customer service is incredibly terrible so a lot of people aren't getting any help.
+2 #5 admin 2010-02-21 13:51
Yup, I found other users with diff cases and no cases at all.

I agree, at a couple bucks it should already be in the mail. How much money did B&N spend on marketing, etc. and they don't want to spend a couple thousand on new device backs? Nuts.
+1 #4 hamletgo 2010-02-20 20:55
Those backs probably cost about a dollar or two to manufacture. That is a small price to keep a customer happy.

Mark, did you ever find out if it might have come from your Javo case?

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