Friday November 17 , 2017

Should you Root the Nook Color?

rootedSites talking about rooting the Nook Color  typically advise installing a new Android operating system (ROM) on the device. These ROMS are usually custom built for the Nook Color, based on some variant of CyanogenMod, which is an open-source variant of the Android operating system. The Nook Color operating system is also a variant of Android too -just a very old one. While B&N has their own “App Store” most the applications you’d want only run on newer versions of Android and may only be available on the Google App Store. By updating your Nook Color to a more modern Android version you can get a whole new interface for your Nook Color and install applications not previously available to you.

Sounds great right? Why not do it? For some people installing and playing with their devices is a lot of fun. They like tweaking it and seeing if they can do with the Nook Color what would cost hundreds more with a modern Android tablet. I’ve installed five different ROMs on my Nook Color and each had their own drawbacks but the consistent drawback is none of them are as responsive and usable as the original firmware. The original software on the Nook isn’t the greatest, but when you tap things it “just works” and you can load a book and start reading in a flash. In all the ROMs I installed I found similar operations often took a fair bit longer - and some of them were so slow the device was not very useful.

What about these N2A cards that let you run Android just by putting in an SD card? The Nook Color is already pretty slow and I don’t think running the operating system from an SD card is going to be a really usable experience. Save your money and keep reading.

My advice if you’re wanting something new for your Nook reading experience at this point and you have a Nook Color is to sell it on eBay for $25 and buy a Nook HD for $50. The Nook HD has twice the clarity of the Nook Color and is far more powerful and able to run alternate versions of Android. The $25-30 for the upgrade will also give you the Google Play store on your Nook without having to root the device - and the newer B&N Nook interface is quite nice and simple.

So my advice is use the Nook Color as-is or swap up to a Nook HD for $25-30 on eBay. Whether you stay with the Nook operating system, or try a newer version of Android, you’ll find it was money well spent.

If you’re still not convinced and want to root the Nook Color I have two threads to start with.

1) List of NC Roms. I’d start with SCHIZOID. It’s the fastest and most useful out of the box of all the ones I tried.

2) Restoring NC back to stock. I’m guessing you’ll do this before you sell it on eBay and get a Nook HD!


0 #1 Lynn F. Lee 2017-08-15 20:46
Any ideas how to dual-boot a Nook Color? I was following the instructions here

( to do so, but hit a road block cause the

company Cyanogenmod has ceased to exist, so can't download any of their ROMS (

type=stable&device=encore)... Anyone have an archived copy I could download?

Also, I was on the FAQ page here about rooting my Nook Color, & the links on the nookDev page

( now go to some random page in Japanese

( :-(

Lastly, I tried registering with this site to create a thread on the forums, but I never receive the confirmation

e-mail. Is this site completely dead?

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