Thursday December 14 , 2017

The Reviews are in!

My First Take

The nook is widely available today to tryout in B&N stores. A mall Apple employee and myself cornered the employee holding the nook and got a chance to play with it. My impression was the feel of the device, the buttons, screen were all outstanding. The device response overall was sluggish, like my 3G iPhone after the 3.0 version of the OS came out. The navigation UI tends to lag more than you would expect and the loading of books seems slow - "Formatting book" message while loading.

I admired the "iPhone-ish" menu system in the navigation screen, and I think people will enjoy the touch screen. It stays out of the way once you start reading. Having a single button to turn it on appeals to the Apple crowd (and me).

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Less than wowed? Just remember, the Kindle had a lot of issues at first. They have rushed this out the door (well ... sort of going out the door) and it's somewhat expected.

I think the feeling is it's not a Kindle-killer yet but it's not far off. Version 1.1 of the software stack could change everything... or nothing!

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