Friday December 19 , 2014
How do I do a hard reset (system restore)? PDF Print

Warning: This will remove all your content and should be a last resort when your nook will not work properly. Use this reset procedure at your own risk.

There are a lot of "ideas" on how to do this. I think these are the two reliable ways.

Method #1. Use this if you haven't rooted your nook.

  • Press Settings on the touch pad, then Device, then "Unregister your Nook"
  • Below that press "reset to factory settings" & Confirm
  • It should reboot and be restored to the latest firmware you have installed.

Method #2. Use this to go back to the firmware the nook was shipped with (use this if rooted)

This will actually restore it to the same exact way you got it from the store. It's the equivalent of restoring your computer with your installations disks.

  • Turn off your nook by holding down the Power button.
  • With it off, press and hold the power button until the screen flickers black for a moment THEN CONTINUE to hold it for another 15 seconds. You won't see anything happen at this point - but the animated arrows will stop typically.
  • Repeat the above step 6 more times in a row. YES, Six is the magic number that tells the nook to do a restore.
  • Now press the Power Button once to turn on the nook.
  • The touch screen will go black with a description of what it's doing (restoring). This may take several minutes - do NOT stop it.
  • To update to the latest software version, press the "My Library" button. While in the "My B&N Library" area tap "Check for new B&N content". It will get the new firmware and start updating the latest software. Again, this will take a while like above steps.

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