Friday November 24 , 2017
How do I delete content from my nook? PDF Print

In general you don't want to delete material you want to archive it. View the item details and select "Archive".

If you want to really remove the item (book sample, free book you hated, etc) checkout the user guide or follow these steps:

  • Login to B&N online with your computer
  • Go to Digital Downloads > My eBook Library
  • Find the books in your Library on the Left
  • You'll see a download option as well as "archive" and "delete". ¬†You want to use "delete" at this point. As I understand it you will no longer own this content if you delete it.
  • Go to the nook and enter "My B&N Library"
  • Select "Check for new content"

The item should now be gone.

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