Monday December 11 , 2017
How do I make my own Screensaver? PDF Print

It's really pretty easy. The nook "screensaver" is just a set of pictures.

First, find a set of pictures you like. Use a photo editor like or iPhoto to crop your photo to 600x800 pixels. Convert them to B&W for best results. Save as "PNG" or "JPG" format pictures. Best to use at least 3 or 4 pictures.

Next, connect the nook to your computer. Find the main nook drive under Finder (Mac) or My Computer (Windows). Navigate to the "My Screensavers" folder found in the nook directory and create a new folder there (call it "myfirstscreensaver" or whatever). Then drag-and-drop your pictures into the folder you created.

Disconnect your nook. Now that your photos are in the new folder, go to Settings --> Display --> Screensaver, then select your new folder. Enjoy!

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