Monday November 20 , 2017
Can I read eBooks from my local public library on the nook Touch?
If your local library uses the Overdrive library system for eBook content the answer is yes. This works because Overdrive and the nookColor both use the same copy protection scheme from Adobe. Great news for nook Touch owners!

You will need to install Adobe Digital Editions on your desktop computer (Mac or Windoze). Use it to download the books (the download link on Library site will start ADE. Next, plug in your nook Touch and use ADE to "authorize" it (just first time). Then simply drag the book cover onto the nook (on left side of ADE). Eject the nook and the book will appear under "My Documents"!

Watch our Video Tutorial on using the nookColor with ADE before you get started if you are using content you are purchasing (there are some gotchas). The same hints for the nook Color work for the nook Touch.

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