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The nook Color FAQ | Troubleshooting, Content Questions, and More
Welcome to the best nook Color FAQ on the internet! We've scoured the net so you don't have to. We hope you find what you are looking for in the nook Color FAQ but if you don't post in the forums and another nook Color owner is likely to be able to assist!

nookColor Hardware Questions

  • 1 - How do I do a hard reset on nook color / tablet (system restore)?


    Warning: This will remove all your content and should be a last resort when your nook will not work properly. If you can de-register first before taking this step.

    1. Power down your nookColor/Tablet. Wait 10-15 seconds before continuing
    2.  Press and hold power button and your "n" home button almost simultaneously (Power first and then the "n").
    3.  Hold these until your screen flashes the "Touch the future of reading" message, wait 2 seconds and release buttons.
    4. You will then get a prompt asking if you want to reset your nook to factory settings. Press the home button to continue. It will ask you to confirm. Press the home key again.
    5. Your nook will deregister, reset, and when it reboots, you will see the introductory tutorials like it came from the factory.
  • 2 - How do I take a screenshot on the nook Color?

    To take a Screen Shot (essentially a picture of whatever you are currently looking at on screen) hold down the "n" button then press the down volume key on the side. The picture/screenshot will be stored in a folder called "Screenshots". You can view it or download the next time you connect your computer. 
  • 3 - Why isn't my nookColor charging?


    The nookColor, unlike the nook 3G, will not charge when plugged into a computer. Also B&N claims the microUSB cable you got with your nookColor is the only cable you should plug-in and use it with. If you are using another cable try the one that came with the nookColor.

    If you are using the right cable and it's plugged into the outlet check that the connections are tight. If you still have a problem take your nookColor to your local store and ask them to see if it charges with their cable to see if your cable is defective.

  • 4 - Why is the nookColor screen acting funny like I'm tapping when I'm not?

    Two things seem to cause this. The first is a dirty screen. Put the nookColor to sleep and clean it with a soft dry cloth.  The second thing is the screen input is behind and picking up old screen taps. If this is the case put the nookColor to sleep and power it back on.
  • 5 - How many books will the nookColor hold?


    If you don't fill the nook with MP3 files and pictures? :)

  • 6 - Does the nookColor do text-to-speech like the Kindle?

    No, it doesn't. This feature is restricted on the Kindle to certain books (like lending on the nook).
  • 7 - Does the nookColor have a speaker for music?

    Yes, it has decent mono speaker on the back, but you'll be better off using the universal 3.5 mm stereo headphone jack (at the top).
  • 8 - How long will the battery last?

    The battery will last a few years. The average charge of the battery depends on usage.  B&N claims you can read for up to 8 hours without recharging with wireless off.
  • 9 - What does the "n" button on the nookColor do?


    This NOOK symbol on the lower front of your NOOKcolor (the metalic "n" button) is called the "Home" button. When you press the Home button while the NOOKcolor is sleeping it will wak up the NOOKcolor. If the NOOKcolor is already on, pressing the home button will take you back to the home screen (the one with all your books).

  • 10 - Does the nook's wi-fi only work at Barnes & Noble?

    No! It will work anywhere there is a hotspot. If they have a web-based login screen just bring up the browser after connecting. At the store B&N will push special promotions to your nookColor for you and you can read books for free up to one hour a day.

nook eReader Usage

General NookColor Device Questions

  • 12 - My nookColor is locked up, how do I reset it?


    Easy. You should start with a soft-reset. You shouldn't  lose your data but it will force the device off.

    1. Press and hold the power button for five seconds, then release the power button.
    2. Press and release the power button again for two seconds to turn on your nookColor.

    Now, it's best to have it plugged into a power source. The device might not work correctly if the battery is dead :)

  • 13 - Can I adjust the font size or type?

    Yes. There are different font sizes and three different font types. Some eBooks (like PDF files) pre-set the font size so you cannot change it. To change the font just click in the middle of screen while reading a book to bring up the blue menu and click "Text".
  • 14 - Do I have to create a B&N Account to use the NOOKColor?


    Well, realistically yes you do. Remember this is a device designed to buy and use books from B&N and you can't do that without setting up an account. By setting up the account you can read free in store, sync your content, and buy B&N books.  Here are the requirements to setup a B&N account for your nook:

    • An email address
    • A default credit card number setup on your account (for device purchases)
    • A valid expiration date for the credit card
    • A current U.S. billing address

    This is the same as the iPhone or Google devices. You have to establish a payment source for things even if you aren't going to buy.

  • 15 - Why does my SD card not show the contents on nookColor?


    Did you copy a bunch of stuff to the SD card only to find it missing on the nookColor when you go to files?

    You might have created multiple partitions on your SD memory card, and one of them is in a format that only your computer understands. The best thing to do when you have this problem is to format the SD card by following these steps:


    1. Go to the Settings Menu and tap "Device Info"
    2. Tap on SD Card
    3. Tap on Unmount SD card
    4. Tap the Format SD Card, the NOOKcolor displays a warning that formatting the memory card will erase its contents.


  • 16 - Should I root/hack my nookColor?


    The superuser on the Android system is called "root". "rooting" is taking control over your nookColor so you can modify the system and install other software on it. This may void your warranty and could destroy the normal operation of your nookColor.

    If you'd like more information read this article on our site.

  • 17 - I don't live in the US, can I buy and use a nookColor?


    This is complicated!

    To BUY a nookColor you need to have a billing address in United States or in U.S. territories (American Samoa, Guam, Palau, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands).

    To BUY eBook content it's rather confusing. Here are the details from the B&N site:

    Purchasing digital content from the Barnes & Noble eBookstore on your NOOKcolor: You can only purchase digital content if you have a billing address in the United States, U.S. territories, or Canada. You cannot purchase digital content if you have an international billing address. You can only purchase digital content when physically within the United States (including Alaska and Hawaii), American Samoa, Guam, Puerto Rico, Palau, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and Canada. When you travel outside of these areas, you can download digital content to your NOOKcolor that you have already purchased (if you have a Wi-Fi connection), but you cannot buy digital con- tent. Some items are not available for purchase in Canada.
    People have tried some "tricks" to get around these things with the nook 3G, Read more here.
  • 18 - Can I listen to music and read at the same time?

    Yes you can! The nookColor has a built in MP3 player as well as Pandora for streaming internet music. To change your music just go back to the music application, then return to your book.
  • 19 - How do I change my B&N password on my nook?

    If you have to reset your B&N password, UNREGISTER your nook first, then reset the account & re-register. If you don't you'll have to call B&N to have them reset it. So unregister the nook first ok?
  • 20 - How big is the nook?


    It's 8 inches tall, 5 inches wide, half-inch thick and weighs about a pound.

    People complained endlessly about the nook 3G which was only 12 ounces but for some reason the nookColor isn't too heavy :)

  • 21 - Can I buy and use the nook outside the US?

    Technically no, B&N doesn't ship them outside the USA or support their use! Some clever nook users overseas have some tips to share on their experience. Read this blog if you are interested.
  • 22 - Where is the nookColor manual?


    The manual is on your nookColor! If you removed it from your home screen just go to "Library" and search for Guide or look under Books. At this point you can't even delete it :)

    If you don't own the nookColor yet you can find the manual online here

  • 23 - Does the nook come in different colors?

    The body is only available in graphite right now. You can buy gel skins or decals to change the look of the nookColor.
  • 24 - Should I buy an extended warranty for my nookColor?


    It depends. You need to make this decision before you buy if you want it from B&N or within 30 days from other vendors.  Read our article on this for more information.

  • 25 - Can I do Netflix on the nook Color

    Yes, if you get the 1.4.1 update from B&N you can do Netflix streaming on the nook Color (not just nook tablet). Great news that the nook Color is keeping up!
  • 26 - Why is the nookColor screen staying dark?

    If your battery is very low before the device goes into a shutdown mode it will dramatically lower the brightness (usually after warning you). This is normal and it will stop after being charged.
  • 27 - Why duplicate letters on keyboard with nookColor?

    There are two theories from people that have gotten around this problem. Number one is don't try to type on the nook while it's laying flat on the table. Others swear it's because it's plugged in. I think the reason is it's laying flat while being charged, but try both if you have this problem!
  • 28 - How can I get help for my nookColor?


    Of course you can always contact Barnes and Noble’s tech support line at 1-800-THE-BOOK (1-800-843-2665). Many have found this email address ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) to be the best resource after you've read the FAQ, manual, etc but expect long delays for answers.

    If you've encountered problems with your nookColor we'd suggest posting them to our nookTalk forum and see if anyone has run into your problem. The B&N Support Forum is very large and not friendly to newbies from what I've seen. Also check out the rest of the FAQ and our HOW-TO Guides.


  • 29 - Can I install other software on my nook?


    Not yet. B&N has a nook App Store coming.

    You can "root" the nookColor and install apps from the Android Market.  Many users will be better to wait for the B&N approved store, but see our article on an Easy Root for NookColor.

eBook and nookColor Content Questions

  • 30 - Are magazines and newspapers on the nookColor the same as the printed version?


    It depends on the provider of the content.  Many contain the new nookColor full page view and then offer and article view. Some of the ones I've tried like USA Today are just lame ePub documents that are very difficult to navigate.  They contain all the stuff for which the publisher has digital rights. Some content is not included like advertisements (yeah, cry me an ocean), crosswords, stock quotes, weather, etc. Like I said, It's going to vary by publisher so try a sample.

  • 31 - How do I delete content from my nookColor?


    In general you don't want to delete material you want to archive it. View the item details and select "Archive".

    You can't delete the content B&N puts on the nookColor (Guide, etc) for some reason. 

    If you want to really remove the item (book sample, free book you hated, etc) checkout the user guide or follow these steps:

    • Login to B&N online with your computer
    • Go to Digital Downloads > My eBook Library
    • Find the books in your Library on the Left
    • You'll see a download option as well as "archive" and "delete".  You want to use "delete" at this point. As I understand it you will no longer own this content if you delete it.

    The item should now be gone.

  • 32 - Can I convert my Kindle content to the nookColor?


    Kindle uses an Amazon specific book format that no other store or device uses. This leads to lock-in with the Kindle and the eBooks purchased. There are tools of questionable legal use that remove the DRM and convert the book content to a format that may be usable by the nook.

    You can google to find out more if you are interested. I'm not condoning this particular site, but is an example of the type of tools that exist.

    Another option is to root your nookColor.  This would allow you to install the Kindle application on your nookColor.

  • 33 - What directories should I put my files in on my nookColor?


    The nookColor will create a variety of directories for you on any space on a SD card, and these same directories are visible on the nookColor memory. Common sense applies here:

    • Put music files such as MP3 files in the Music folder.
    • Put photos such as .jpg files in the Photos folder.
    • Put videos in the Videos folder.
    • Put Microsoft Office files, .txt files, and PDFs in the Documents folder.
    • Put ePubs in the Books folder.
  • 34 - How do I load Library Books on my NookColor?

    You'll need to use the Adobe Digital Editions Tool (ADE) you can find it here.

    We have a video tutorial that you should watch that shows exactly how to use the tool with your library site. NOTE: Your library site needs to use the Overdrive system.

  • 35 - Can I read eBooks from my local public library on the nookColor?

    If your local library uses the Overdrive library system for eBook content the answer is yes. This works because Overdrive and the nookColor both use the same copy protection scheme from Adobe. Great news for nookColor owners!

    You will need to install Adobe Digital Editions on your desktop computer (Mac or Windoze). Use it to download the books (the download link on Library site will start ADE. Next, plug in your nookColor and use ADE to "authorize" it (just first time). Then simply drag the book cover onto the nook (on left side of ADE). Eject the nook and the book will appear under "My Documents"!

    Watch our Video Tutorial on using the nookColor with ADE before you get started if you are using content you are purchasing (there are some gotchas)

  • 36 - How does the "lending" a book work on nookColor?


    The bad news is you can only lend a book out one time for fourteen days. While the book is "lent" you can't read it. Amazon CEO calls this feature a joke but B&N claims 80% of book authors will allow lending. It's a nice feature to have and opens up the door to electronic lending - a great thing.

    To lend a book on your nookColor you first need to know if it is a "Lend-Me" item. You can do this looking at the book cover, lendable items have a "Lend-Me" ribbon at the top. To lend this item tap and hold your finger on the book cover until you get a pop-up.  Select "Lend-Me". From here you can find contacts you've added to your nook or view your Facebook contents.  Select a person and include a message.  They will have 7 days to accept the lending and after they do the book will be theirs for 14 days.

  • 37 - Do I have to buy eBooks on the nookColor through B&N?


    No. The easiest way to get books is through the B&N store but you can also load other books on your nook. You can move files from your computer to your nook using a USB connection. The supported file types are ePub, PDB, MP3s, PDFs, and image files.  Once you plug-in the nookColor to your computer you'll see the contents appear in Windows Explorer or Apple Finder. The nookColor already has directories on it for this, put your files in the right directory.

    By embracing the ePub standard any non-DRM (copy protected) book can be loaded on the nookColor. Since B&N picked Adobe for their DRM support other places that sell - or rent - ePub books with that copy protection should also work on the nook.

    Kobo eBooks, Overdrive library, and Sony books have been tested on the nookColor.

    To make buying books easier, and to get eBooks as a gift I'd suggest the an eBook B&N Giftcard! :)

  • 38 - Can I read books for free while I'm in the B&N store?

    Yes, you'll have up to an hour to read any book for free. You'll be connected to the free wi-fi in the store when doing this. It's a little clunky because it checks your time on every page turn. NOTE: Not all books are available for "read in store".
  • 39 - How do I remove a book from my nook?

    You don't remove them, you "archive" them. The primary use of archiving is to remove eBooks from your nook. They remain in your online digital library. For periodicals, the same applies and this is the way to save periodical issues, which otherwise are automatically deleted.
  • 40 - How do I use my gift card to buy an eBook for my nookColor?


    This isn't very intuitive. Login to the B&N website on your computer and click "Account" at the top. Then on the right click "Manage Gift Cards for eBooks". Put in your gift card information. Now you can shop for books. You will be confused by "will be purchased with your default credit card" near the "Buy" button - pay no attention. When you click the button it will inform you any eCard balance will be used first.

    If the purchase exceeds your gift card balance the rest will be charged to the default charge card.
  • 41 - What document and ebook types are handled by nookColor

    You'll notice some of the older eBook container types like PDB are missing from the list!
    • PDF
    • EPUB (DRM / Adobe EPUB through ADE Too)
    • Word (doc, docx, docm, dot, dotx, dotm)
    • Excel (xls, xlsx, xlsm, xlt, xltx, xltm)
    • PowerPoint (ppt, pptx, pptm, pps, ppsx, ppsm, pot, potx, potm)
    • Rich Text Format (rtf)
    • Plain Text (txt)
    • HTML (htm, html, xhtml)
  • 42 - Can I use the "share" feature on nookColor with non-B&N content?

    The answer appears to be no. After testing a few different epub sources none of them from alternate booksellers (or public domain) were able to use the "share" option which lets you share a highlighted portion of the text with your social network. This is unrelated to the lend-me feature. Seems to be a bug or yet another special feature reserved for B&N content.
  • 43 - How can I convert other content to be read on my nookColor?


    The best tool out there is called "Calibre". calibre is a FREE and open source e-book library management application developed by users of e-books for users of e-books. It has a cornucopia of features. Calibre can convert from a huge number of formats to a huge number of formats. It supports all the major e-book formats. The full list of formats can be found on their website. The conversion engine has lots of powerful features. It can rescale all font sizes, ensuring the output e-book is readable no matter what font sizes the input document uses. It can automatically detect/create book structure, like chapters and Table of Contents. It can insert the book metadata into a "Book Jacket" at the start of the book

    We'd recommend you read the following tutorial on using Calibre to get you up and running converting content to your nook quickly! Calibre Tutorial
  • 44 - Where are the eBooks I loaded on my nook?


    This can be confusing at first. Remember, there are two areas of content on the nookColor. First there is B&N Library, which contains all the content you got from B&N. This content will all appear on the nookColor homepage when you click the "n" button. This content also appears under books if you go to library. Second, there is "My Files" which contains content you have loaded. To get to this section bring up the ribbon menu by tapping the ^ in the middle of screen and tap "Library".  In Library you'll find a section "My Files".  It's very unfortunatel B&N kept this divide between your content and it's just a shameless attempt for you to get all their content for them.

    The best you can do to get your content and B&N content organized together is to use "Shelves". Click on a PDF or ePub in your documents and Add it to a shelf. The shelves are like categories and both your content and B&N content can be on the same shelf. 

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