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The nookStudy FAQ | Troubleshooting, Content Questions, and More
Welcome to the best nook FAQ on the internet!  We've scoured the net so you don't have to.  We hope you find what you are looking for in the nook FAQ but if you don't post in the forums and another nook owner is likely to be able to assist!
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We hope you find what you are looking for in the nookStudy FAQ but if you don't post in the forums and another user is likely to be able to assist!

nookStudy Usage Questions

  • 1 - How much does nookStudy cost?


    nookStudy is free. B&N makes their profit from the sale of eTextbooks.

  • 2 - How do I remove a book from nookStudy?

    If you view a book you'll see the option to "Remove Local Copy" - click it to remove.
  • 3 - Do I have to be connected to the Internet to read my eTextbooks with nookStudy?

    No, once you have downloaded the book you can load it anytime - without an Internet connections. For lookups, syncing, and getting new content you will need an Internet connection.
  • 4 - What are the benefits of nookStudy?


    nookStudy is basically a glorified PDF reader.  Here are some of the features you'll find useful for study material.

    • Highlighting
    • Annotations
    • Tagging & Searching
    • Side-by-Side Reading
    • Organization by Course (you can put books in self defined courses)
    • Note-taking directly in the book
    • Importing of local documents such as your syllabus, lecture notes, etc to view and organize
    • The ability to look up terms immediately in Wikipedia and Google
  • 5 - Is there a limit on the number of times I can download an eTextbook?


    B&N claims because of the DRM rules from the publisher you can ONLY download it twice!  Pick your computer well? The point is if you are going to use nookStudy for school put it on the computer you use the most. I think this is very restrictive and hope that de-registering your computer resets the number.

    If your computer is lost or stolen you can contact support for assistance should you be unable to download your eTextbook.

  • 6 - Can I add my own books to nookStudy?

    Yes you can. Just click on the + icon at the top right. Interestingly the B&N documentation tries to hide this feature.
  • 7 - Are my notes & annotations synchronized and backed up?

    Yes, they are backed up on B&N servers.  If you need to re-install the application, or install on another computer, they will reappear after you login.

nookStudy Installation Questions

  • 8 - Can I run nookStudy on my iPad?

    No, the iPad is not yet supported as a platform. Unfortunately the nookStudy application was developed on an Adobe platform (maybe Air) and will likely be a barrier to the iPad. You will see books you purchased on the nook application for the iPad but they won't download. I suspect this is due to the fact nookStudy uses your Adobe account and not your B&N account for licensing. 
  • 9 - What version of mac OSX do I need for nookStudy?

    Believe it or not you need Snow Leopard. B&N claims nookStudy is so advanced it needs the 10.6 libraries.  Amazing people have been using sophisticated apps like HD movie editing, Music mixing, and advanced photo editing tools all these years eh?
  • 10 - Why does nookStudy ask for my University?

    Currently it seems the software doesn't take advantage of this information you provide at setup. It would be nice if you could see books your university had available.

nookStudy Content Questions

  • 11 - How do I use access code with nookStudy?

    For some books you'll get an access code after purchase. Just open NOOKstudy and click the "Redeem" button.  Enter the access code from your receipt.
    After the eTextbook has been loaded into your Library, click it to download it to your computer.
  • 12 - How do I return an eTextbook I've rented with nookStudy?

    There is no return process for an eTextbook rental, the license will just expire. Be careful because your notes will no longer be available either.  There is a "grace period" after the rental time to re-rent or purchase. 
  • 13 - Can I use my Merriam Webster dictionary with nookStudy?

    Unfortunately this title which is in most accounts from the nook is not in a format supported by the nookStudy application (pdb format).  You can still do dictionary lookups by highlighting the word, right click, and going to "Google /".
  • 14 - How many free trials can I do on an eTextbook?

    Just one per account, no exceptions. If you are going to do a book trial make sure you have time to review it in the seven day period.  If you are really desperate you could install nookStudy on another computer, create another adobe account, and try it there.
  • 15 - How many devices can I use my eTextbooks on?

    The software can be put on up to six devices. The eTextbook can only be downloaded on TWO devices.
  • 16 - Why can't I find all my textbooks for nookStudy?

    B&N may not carry the eTextbook of your required textbook but it is more likely that the publisher hasn't released and eTextbook version. The textbook industry is resisting the move away from hardback books for several reasons, most of them benefit them and not you! My advice? Write the publisher a letter (real honest to God paper letter).

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