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Top Ten Reasons to Buy a nook Today!

With all the new eReaders you might wonder, "Why the nook!?" I've included some of the top reasons I think it's still the top eReader for most people. If you are interested in the nook you should know the pre-order date keeps slipping, you might consider pre-ordering while you research!

Reason Ten: It's unique.

Forget the comparisons to Kindle and the Sony readers right now. The Nook has wifi,  & 3G, a color screen, and an open operating system could easily host an "App Store" in the future, yet it is so portable. The nook has set the bar high for e-Reader devices.

Reason Nine: It's cheap!

Really, $259 is cheap. None of the yet-to-be-release readers with Nook's platform capabilities like the Alex, Que, or new Apple tablet will be close to that price point. It's the same price as the market leader (Kindle) and only slightly more expensive than the less desirable Sony Touch Reader.

Reason Eight: It runs Android.

Android is the hot mobile platform from Google for mobile devices. It's already a smash hit on the t-Mobile G1 device and it makes the new Verizon Droid the potential iPhone killer it is. In addition, Android already has a marketplace for apps - B&N wouldn't need to do much to allow for you to have a web browser or do email on the nook.

Reason Seven: Great Design.

The iPhone is elegant and changed the game for what we expect out of a phone. From the box to how it feels in the hand the iPhone shows an element of design not often found in other devices. The nook packaging tells you something about the design. All reviewers of the nook felt even the package design made you feel you bought something special.

Reason Six: Big Community.

There are sites and forums all over the Internet discussing the Nook. Nook screen-saver site? Check. Nook forums and FAQ? Check. Facebook groups for nook? Check. People sitting all over your local B&N reading nooks? Check! Get the idea?

Read in Style. Designer Covers and Accessories.

Reason Five: Applications are Coming!

The folks at Nook devs already have applications that run on the Nook and B&N has already said in the future they plan to open the platform to applications. What does that mean? It means you'll be doing email, Twitter, Facebook and more on the Nook soon!

Reason Four: Expandable, it can grow with your needs.

The Nook battery can be easily replaced. You can add an 8GB memory card to load infinite amounts of reading material, music, and more. Why settle for an e-Reader that's a "locked box"?

Reason Three: Unique Hardware.

The Nook is the first e-reader to have two screens on the device. The small color screen is for navigation, keyboard, and more. The top screen is the easy-to-read e-Ink screen for reading. Did you know the e-Ink screen uses no battery power except when you change pages!?

Reason Two: It uses Adobe DRM.

DRM? DRM stands for digital rights management and that's how they copy-protect the books you buy. Adobe is becoming the de-facto standard for copy-protected e-books and is the format many devices and stores are using. Many local libraries even use this format of copy-protection meaning they'll work with your Nook. Kindle has their own special copy-protection nobody else uses - what would you choose?

Reason One: Open Bookstore means lots of choices and low prices.

Many people looking at the e-Reader market assume the nook is tied to B&N. This couldn't be further from the truth. Users on have confirmed loading books from Sony, KoboBooks, and even their local library on their nook. The Kindle only works with Amazon - It has a proprietary book format. The Nook uses the Adobe DRM protected ePub format as well as supporting other formats like PDF and PDB

This article can also be found at e-Reader! Check out e-Reader Feeder for more listings of free eBooks!


What in the World is going on with e-readers?

You might remember that small online bookstore last week announcing the Kindle being the most gifted item ever, as well as huge eBook sales. Now the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) predicts e-reader sales will double in 2010. Shawn DuBravac, director of research at the CEA said, "Expect to see significant offerings in the e-reader category over the next few days" (source). He was right, a bunch of companies are announcing e-readers during the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this week.


A company named Skiff has teamed up with Sprint to provide newspapers, magazines, and e-books. Their new device is a whopping 11.5 inch FLEXIBLE touchscreen. Yes, you can actually bend it. This is a unique device that really is different than the current round of e-Readers from Sony, Amazon, and B&N. It still uses the same eInk display but with a new design by LG Display. They used stainless steel foil instead of glass to support the display.  This made the device thin, light and more flexible! The Skiff Reader is a quarter inch thick with an eleven inch 1,200 by 1,600 pixel display. Too big for me but ... "WOW!"

Want to know more about the Skiff?


Spring Design's Alex e-Reader (which like the nook uses Google's Android OS) announced a partnership with Google for e-Books and provided more hands-on time with the device. It's very similar to the nook but seems to be much more responsive and has a nicer, larger screen. This device looks great but I wonder how many people want this size with TWO screens. Bookstore integration with Google Books is nothing to brag about lately. They aren't happy with B&N since they feel they stole the design for the nook from them. You can't deny the similarities!


On a more traditional e-reader note, Interead is showing off their "Coolreader". This one puzzles me. It's not much different than the current devices and in the same price point. Cute colors though!

cooler e-reader picture


DMC Worldwide unveiled two new e-readers - the Copia "Ocean" and "Tidal". These e-readers integrate content, social networking and e-commerce. Scratching your head yet? Well, you enjoy books right? How about blogs, magazines, Internet sites? What about sharing what you think about them with friends, family, and the world. These new readers sport an "open platform" in order to allow publishers and users to connect and collaborate. Blog and Wiki meet your e-Reader!

Other Noteworthy Updates

  • The QUE? Read some of the first details on the mysterious Plastic Logic’s QUE. Uses B&N Bookstore, $799.
  • Liquivista colored ePaper. Tech demo, short on information.
  • Samsung includes Handwriting? Samsung will be releasing two e-Readers, both more than the nook, 6" ($399) / 10" ($699). It's just ugly, sorry.
  • Mirasol color display Review suggests we'll see a color Kindle using this 3Q? Open the pocketbook, but very interesting.

Forget the nook?

I still think price is a major consideration for buyers. In the e-Reader market people want to read books, and not spend a lot of cash on the device. A $99 device would really grab consumers. Don't confuse this will new multi-purpose devices like the yet-to-be-unveiled Apple Tablet. This is a different consumer that wants web, movies, reader, email, and more on one device - maybe even to replace a laptop. I think these users will pay upwards 1K and are not the same group of consumers that want a nook!

I still think the nook is an awesome device.  After the software bugs are worked out it will take it's place as a top devices. It's an open platform, has one of the better e-Bookstores integrated, and is that killer price-range.

So do you have a nook or considering one - how does this news all affect you!


Check out Calibre for your nook!

The Calibre team has updated their awesome free eBook manager tool. You've got ADE, so why use Calibre?

Calibre helps you manage your eBooks on your computer and can be a big help in managing your nook's content (we all know it's not the nook's strong point). Calibre also has the ability to take a variety of content types, format it, and send to your nook. Wouldn't it be great to take the content from your favorite news sites every morning and send them to your nook? (Yup, you can do that with this tool)

Anyone have any tips on using Calibre with their nook to share?

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