Saturday November 18 , 2017

B&N eReader Update on iPhone

Wow, Did you think B&N was sitting still? In the middle of dealing with cleaning up the nook software B&N just released a major upgrade to the eReader application for the iPhone. I've written about the major issues with this application, and how it could make one buy a Kindle if the iPhone application was important. It was unusable to do simple things like follow a link in the table of contents or changing the font. Delays that were literally minutes long before are now gone, and the response time is instant!

Before you pat B&N on the back there is a gotcha. Many received a good-news-bad-news email from the company. Opening new eBooks purchased after the most recent software update may not work correctly. If you have problems here is how to resolve them:

  • Remove the ebook from your iPhone / iPod touch by swiping from left to right across the title in the list view and tapping the “delete” button when it appears
  • Tap “My Online Library” and re-download it to your iPhone / iPod touch

Keep up the good work B&N on your eReader software platforms - but we encourage you to adopt a more rigorous set of test plans - for you and us!


Updating the nook - the 1.1 firmware upgrade

B&N is rolling out the new firmware update to the nook. This is a big deal. If they can show the ability to fix some of the nook problems with a software update many people will be less afraid of it (thinking it has a hardware flaw). The nook hardware is very solid - the software isn't.

What does it fix? Some user observations from blogs & twitter:

  • No more long "formatting book" when you start reading (YEAH).
  • Read option is gone from book selection in library menu
  • Page numbers have been moved to the bottom of the screen
  • The clock is now in the upper right corner of screen when reading
  • Snappier page turns
  • Faster UI in the color screen

So how do you know if you have the update? Just tap "Settings" in the Home menu. Look for firmware version - if it says 1.0 you need an update! You can try going to my library, and "Check B&N for new content" to force the update. Make sure you are fully charged if you are using the 3G connection.
Checkout this Great YouTube Video on 1.1 Update

So what do you think of the update? Hope for the nook yet? :)


Slow Reading on B&N eReader?

slow eReader application

Has the nook slowness caught up to the iPhone reader application (B&N Reader)? Take a look at this screen - Waiting for page ....

If you've used the B&N Reader program you've seen this screen.  It happens anytime you click on a table of contents link or change the font. In this case I changed the font and it took my phone almost 2 minutes to complete this operation. The Kindle application instantly re-sized my font and follows document links flawlessly.

Problem with the ePub format? The software? Did the Fictionwise team (that wrote this eReader app) code the software for the nook? Curious minds want to know!

B&N has to make this stuff "just work" before they go down as the Microsoft of eReader platforms!


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